Monday, July 18, 2011

Proper words...

I really bother if someone told me I am special. What is special mean? According to my opinion, if I am special i will get special treatment, more than others get. For example: if it come to customer, seller will give special discount; or if it come to a friend they will get special wishes in their special occasion. If it is not happen like that, for example you just send usual wishes like what u give to another person, it mean she or he just an ordinary friend.

That reason make me so upset when i heard someone say "you are special", better use other words to show encouragement. I prefer to get words as you are a strong person, or a cheer full person. Because that word make the receiver not wondering something.
So many people talk without meaning lately, and others will get misunderstanding over that words. I never know what their background to talk such words, n why they never think that implication will occur behind. Other example : just too easy to say "you are my best friend", but even can count with fingers they talk to each other, or just hiding even they know their "best friend" need companion.
hmmmmm.... hows life going to be now?? too many people spread unmeaning full words. Just ready to hurt, if you hope too much to others' words.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Just wait

Life always unexpected
We never know the mystery behind it.
Sometimes we feel we are in joyful and didn't notice that a big danger was watching us.
Like what happen in my life, that make me almost broke physically and mentally.
Even today I just got temporary solution, and try to recovery. But this situation make me aware, "Life wont be easy anymore, just make plan for all contingencies situation.
For now, I will forget my personal problem first. Just wait....
Let see the market today, another news will kill me today?
Will the BEAR win? Oh no... I really wish the BULL come today?
At least to make me smile after my hard days

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