Monday, May 25, 2009

Gift for kids

Waiting for go back home is all that I fell now. But I must bring gift for my niece, my sister's 19 months daughter. She is a very cute kids. I start to think to buy her some sweet clothes. Find out many choices in designer baby clothes, I think some of dress will make her pretty, or shirts and legging that can she wear for playing on the park. Imagine her wear this clothes and run on the park make me smile a lot. How I miss my niece so much.

Kids always love to play and one of their favorite is doll. Jellycat provide many animal doll, from sheep, kitten, dog, bugs bunny, penguin, ponny and still many more. I know well my niece love penguin, i will buy her bunglie penguin. Oh I think i will bought for my kids too, since I don't want they think I don't love them, only think about their aunt daughter. Ok, I will buy one snuffle monkey for my son, and bartlesham bunny for my daughter, and will buy some soft books for all. Hope they can play together happily with these toys.

Last things that I must prepare, my mom 's home was so cold when night. I need to bring suitable clothes for sleep. Since here always hot, I have no suitable clothes. I will find it in barefoot dreams to get a few pairs for my kids. Hmm..I saw cozychic womens v-neck, I thinkI have to buy one for me. Its not fair only buy for kids, moms need to hahaha. Ready for home.... mom, dad, sis, wait we will meet you soon.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Friendship.. need more understanding

This week, I still have no good mood. I just can't throw my bad feeling from my heart and my mind. So I choose to stay quiet, only open facebook, spent my time to watch TV or listening music only. Feeling so lonely. Actually I always have that feeling,but I will be ok after go for a walk for shopping or just eat outside... but really have no mood at all to do that.

A few days ago I like to open my messenger on available status, I just need someone to talk even only a few words. But lucky me, friends who said hello just want to take a fight, arrggghhh.

For me, have different opinion is ok. I wont push my opinion to others, as a human being have a freedom to have their own thinking. I prefer to said "Yeah, everyone have their own, If you believe for something but I don't or vice versa its no problems." I appreciate the way of my friend thinking and wont have any misunderstanding. Push our own opinion can hurt other feeling, if you want only discussion maybe better stop when you can't get one opinion.

I believe in a friendship we need to understand friend's need. Sometimes not all that they have want to share. They only talk a little of their problem but not share the detail. Even we really want to know about that, but we must act wisely not push them and even angry if they dont want to share. Just respect their privacy as much as you can. No matter that you feel you already open with your friend but they didn't do the same. Maybe they really want to keep it by their self that why they dont want to tell you. If its no impact with your friendship, just take it.Friendship need more understanding.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Back to the Kitchen

I just watched cooking show on TV, and i just realized that cooking can be a fun activity. Before I always think that cooking was very difficult to learn so I prefer to buy frozen food, only need to boil, fry or put it in microwave. Having frozen foods always sometimes make me loose my appetite, and only found a few delicious ones. So i will try to cook by my self from now.

But wait since I never cooking I think I have no many kitchen ware or cooking tool. I need to find any suitable tools that I need. First I love to drink juice, I will find a good blender. I always put some ice while blend my juice so the blender must have ice crusher. I don't want take a risk if the blender knife broken because i put too many ice on there.

I love to eat meat, but i prefer to have the soft meat and tender. But i don't want spent too much time for waiting it soft. I will need pressure cooker to help me get what i want. It's not only time saving but also retains moisture and its flavor. Last, i like to have steamed fish and some steam vegetables. I need electronic steamer, so i can put the fish on that add some herbs and spices, then just turn on on specific time and it ready to serve. I can cook the fish and the vegetables at the same time too. Look, I think, it is not difficult to prepare dinner. I am ready to back to the kitchen

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My bad days

It has been a long time have no mood to update this blog. I have bad weeks before. My kids got fever and cough. Vomit many times a day. Lately I got fever and cough because too tired. Now both of them better, I am happy, but still no mood to write hihihi

I dont know what happen to me, need some power to make me back to blogging world and say hi to many friends. Still not feel happy at all. Hope after take 2 weeks vacation on my home country I will be ok

Hiks... need some support, I lost one by one my online friend lately, busy with their activities make them not contact me at all. I just feel lonely and dont want to open my laptop anymore. Because when i open my laptop.. i feel more lonely than before. Miss u all my friend, I know even we cant contact as much as we did before but we still care each other right? Hope so...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Redesign Home Interior with Lighting

Having a standard home something make me feel bored. But I have not enough money to rebuilt it with new design. I really want to make a change in my home and I try to find any idea from interior magazine. Change furniture will be one of the option,
but I don't want it, because I love my furniture a lot. I just stop in one option, when it will make a great change and still on my budget. Yes, lighting, why not change my bulp and standard lamp with a modern one. It will give a new style at my home furniture

Ok i will make a list for the changes. First, find suitable lamps for my ceiling lamp, now it only round bulb with no artistic value, with a lamp that will visualize modern and elegant style. Second, I need at at least 2 standing lamp with modern style and must not usual in shape to replace my old one. Next, for my bed room, I will replace two my wall lamp too. I saw george kovacs lamps have many varieties for the lamp that I need such as lighting fixtures, table lamps, floor lamps and bath lights. And it have been proven for 50 years for high quality and its contemporary design

Oh, yes, I find another nice lamp for my dinning room too. Series pendant light fixture it will make my dining room looks contemporary but romantics. One more for my dry kitchen, a place that I spent time for tea and talk at night, bling-bling It will be great for first changes, will explore more as i have enough budget later.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

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