Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fashion Week at Mid Valley and Garden

Fashion Week in Mid Valley and Garden, good news and bad news for me, when I heard about it yesterday. The good news there are 20% discount in many famous product sounds great to renew my collection, but the bad news our weekend will be stuck only in Mid Valley from morning to evening, kyaaaaa, yups My JURAGAN will stick with his camera, hunting photos.

Finally today, Saturday, since 11.30 we came to Mid Valley. Yups sounds great collection. Hope i can have one of their collection LOL. But it was soo tired, stand up to see 4 season fashion show, 3 in Mid valley and 1 in Garden. Mid Valley have more huge stage than Garden, but models in Garden looks more beautiful and handsome, haha. So both of them have a good point for Photographers

Today I saw collection from PDI, Padini, Padini authentic and Robinson. Padini Authentic show make me surprise, show girl only in underwear even only in on top. I just imagine if the show in my country, there will be many protest coz this s how open for public. Even the model is western girl but I feel... ( I cant explain it .. :))

But saw Fashion Show make me realize that how fat I am know huhuhu, wish.. wish... wish I have flat tummy like them. Especially when I went to store and looked for the clothes that I really like, when one models wore it in the stage,.. OMG its looks not nice. Hiks-hiks .. but I still want too looking for another collection, 20% off for new collection, still value for money :) SHOPPING TIME ....

Friday, April 17, 2009

Drive carefully please

Last few days i read an email about a young woman who died in car accident, she used her blackberry while drive. Its a sad story, many people in my country not aware how they put themselves and other and danger, as driving need to be concentrate. I read many notice in Jakarta, the not allow driver to send any SMS. I just surprised, how come they send SMS while driving? But lately I realize people there love to use phone, IPhone, blackberry when drive... so bad.

Here in Malaysia we not allow to make a call while driving. Police will give us a fine. But the emphasis does not about fine it's more about safety. Compare from Jakarta, here Malaysian people will drive in high speed in the city about 60-100km/hour or drive out of town will 100-150km/hour.What do you think? Crazy? Too fast? Just come here, I bet you that you will drive faster then people here.

Can you imagine if driver use phone when drive? They can have fatal accident, and loss their life. Even without phone here so many accident happen, because thy drive too fast. When something happen in front of them they failed to react in the correct action

I know in my country we drive so slowly many traffic jam, but it doesn't mean that driver can use their phone that time for make a call, send SMS or surfing in net. If you really want to send SMS, find a safe place to stop first.

Here many times I get upset too when drive, because many drivers never give sign before they move to another side, so better always aware with any bad situation. Or sometimes another driver make me panic, because just intimidate in the behind,
not overtake our car from another lane. Make enough distance from the car in front of you, just make sure if the car behind hit u, u wont hit the car in front of you and make another fatal accident.

Never ever stop at danger place, especially in the highway. Sometimes when they drive too fast (110-140km/hour) they are not aware if there is car stop in front of them.

Check your tires, your brake periodically, always fasten your seat belt and all your passenger seat belt. Flat tires, or blowout tires can make a very bad accident, and not wear seat belt it can cause serious injury even death. If another driver make you angry, try to stay calm, remember you have a duty to prevent accident.

OK Keep save when driving, don't use phone, chat and begin to drive carefully and dont forget to respect another safety.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Passionate Blogger Award to Amina

I got Passionate blogger award from Windy and want to share this award to Amina of Its My Life. I just met her because we use entrecard to have blog walking around blog world. She was blogging since February 2009

I just happy met her, because she ever lived in Malaysia and sometimes she say hi with Bahasa Melayu. Even malaysia is not our country origin, but its nice, at least I met a friend who ever live here as a foreigner, hope someday she will share her experience to live here

Amina same with me, stay at home mom, have 3 handsome son. As her habits from teenager who loved to write her daily activities in a diary and keep it in a locked drawer so nobody can read it. And now he reviving her habit and wrote all her thought
in a blog and share it with everyone in the world.

Hope you can enjoy this blogging time and keep write Amina (don't ever worry about your English :) I have the same problem with you, hope English become my mother language, so just write your anything you like) and wish you joy and happiness in your life always. Take care

Friday, April 3, 2009

Datuk Sri Najib Tun Razak, Malaysia the 6th PM

Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak was sworn in as the sixth prime minister at 10 am at Istana Negara today. It is common knowledge that Najib is a leading member of the country 's political aristocracy, being the eldest son of Malaysia's second prime minister and a nephew of its third.

Prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has appealed to the people to "judge me by action". Najib champions the concept of "one Malaysia", rejecting the dangerous politics of devide and rule in a multi-ethnics country.

He also courageously defended the importance of mastering English, when lesser leader might have been tempted to play a chauvinistic gallery. He thus effectively muted what had been mob sentiment against English in school. Najib also promised greater transparancy and accountability in governance

As Indonesian who live in Malaysia I only hope the new Prime minister more open too foreigner (give an easy way to apply permanent resident hahaha), especially who come from Indonesia, make a better relationship with my country and can live as a good neighbour with us.

Congrutulations to Dato Sri Najib... hope u can fulfill your promise.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Top EC Dropper in March

Its my first month to join entrecard, and its adorable site that can boost traffic. Even some people said thats visitor only came and drop, not read the content, but its ok, perhaps if I have a good post they will stop a little bit longer and read my post.

Here is my top 10 dropper for March 2009
1. Confessions of a Psychotic Housewife 27
2. Windmill on the Hill 26
3. IJP's Haven 25
4. The Main Ingredient 23
5. The Certified Fashionable Chic 23
6. Beyond Feron 23
7. Broken Hallelujah 23
8. Life's Journey 22
9. DJ Tammy Squels 21
10. Dutch boy from Groningen 21

Thanks a lot for mt 10 dropper, and for all entrecard participant that drop and bought my ads, really happy to know you all.
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