Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bye 2009... my sweet n sad moment

Just wanna say goodbye 2009
So many happy moments come this year
I would never forget it

Many lesson I got
That me learn never easy to believe
when happiness come
coz it will follow by sadness

Give me a lesson to know
not easy to have a friend
also not easy to keep the friendship
Give me lesson if I lost something I like
How to continue move on even got many pain

goodbye 2009
with many memories that will stay in my heart

welcome 2010
even Im still unsure n feel weak
but I'd rather to continue my step
coz the time never stop to wait

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hide sadness upon a smile

Many people doing this, hiding their sadness upon their smile, act cool like nothing happen and laugh with other friends. Just pretend you are OK even your heart bleeding. Do you have reason to do that?

Some of them do that because they don't want anyone know their problem. They don't want anyone involve into their problem. They think they can solve it by their own. If anyone know their problem will make the problem bigger and bigger.

Anyone choose laugh in their tears because they don't want show they are weak. And just convince another that they are strong. Even they are crying when they are alone, or will happy can walk on the rain. Honestly I am one of them.

Do you think they really hide their tears. Because I one of them... I said no. In my opinion, they want to be more care from around. Because they will choose to close them self to anyone who don't know them well. The person who act like that more sensitive, and their emotion was soft. They can hide their feeling very carefully thats why no one realize about that. They will keep quiet also if you hurt their feeling, and still give you a nice smile and treat you well.

For who always hide your tears...we know thats its hard to show a fake smile in our face. Sitting alone and crying most all that we always do. Sometimes we need to release our burden. But I know too not many friend we can trust to share. And will harder when people we love never understanding us, sometimes they hurt us more than anyone else.
Try to find a way to release your burden or it will make a bad impact in your mental health. You can choose your way to release your burden as write your sadness, doing something challenging that can make you forget your sadness. We know... for the people like us, it's easy to forgive someone hurt us rather than hate or blame them for our happiness. But don't stop to try have your real smile.. anytime

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Vending machine for your business

Nowadays, many people open their own business. If you walk along in shop area you will find many shop that prepare service like salon, kids station, mini shop or other small business. As a business owner do you ever think to add your revenue by add some vending machines in your place?

Let me give an example, you own your salon. You have many customer who come to your place and buy your service. Sometimes customer need to wait for a few minutes to get your service. Don't you think they need something while waiting? For example they would like to have some candies, or some drink. Just imagine if you put a candy machines it will give you some profit. especially if your costumer bring their kids with them. Since kids like candy so much, they will ask their parent to buy them some candies. It will bring more advantage too you, not only you get profit from selling candies from candy machine, but also it will make your costumer can wait longer because their kids enjoy in there.

Another example. if you open a kids play area, you will have many kids customer in there. Do you know what they like most? Yes you right, they like toy. How if you put toy machine in your place? I think both parents and kids will be happy for that. Whenever they finish play in your place, they will ask their parent to buy toys to bring home. As we know, toys always expensive, put toy machines will really help them. Because the toys in toys machine have affordable price, and we know kids will happy for that. So it's a great way to make your customer happy.

Let's consider about that, find the suitable vending machines for your place. It will make your customer more satisfy also it give you more profit in your business.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Nobody knows

No body knows
I feel so cold
the day was so bright
but my heart can't feel the warm of sunlight

No body knows
I can't breath
whenever I standing around the fresh air
because I forget how do it

No body knows
Its only a fake smile in my face
since its looks the same
because I lost the reason to smile with full of heart

No body knows
I am in bad pain
when sweet hopes n sweet words become poison
that kill me slowly

No body knows
I am praying
Wish I could draw my time back and fix all things
so I won't have this hurt feeling today

I just an ordinary person
try to hide behind
when I trapped on mysery
just act as I were strong
even I am cry when I am a lone

Friday, November 6, 2009

Could You Hold your Promise?

Have you ever feel disappointed when someone not hold her/his promise. I thought all of you ever have this experience, being so sad, so hurt very disappointed when someone not hold their promise. Nowadays, people too easy to make promise, but I think they are also too easy not hold their promise. Hurting other feeling seems to be accepted and not feel bother anymore, if you are the one who make a promise and you do not do as your promise. But hows your feeling if you are the one who become victim of other promise.

Let me give some example, you come to an investment broker,or insurance agent. You put some money in there, and they promise you that you have a high return and in their hand you will not have too much loss. Then months after that you realize that your investment amount reduce significantly, you must be very disappointed. They convince you with their promise to make you believe something, they hope they can get gain from you. But they never told you, they can't hold their promise forever, many things can affect their promise. So, what you think? Seller promise, trader promise.... you must gather information to make sure they not give you fake promise

How about personal promise, sometimes you feel easy to make promise with your friend, for example, you promise to your friend, they can ask your help anytime you need. But whenever they ask you, you just find any reason to run away from your promise. Or someday you meet a new friend, you talk a lot with them, and starting get closer. Then you have promise to your friend that you will be her friend forever, will be beside in happy or sad time, will support each other and promise that your friendship bonding will be bigger and bigger. But then your feeling start changes, even tough your friend still give you the same attention, but you feel it is not special anymore, and start have feeling that your friend bother you instead of make you happy. Could you brave enough to tell your friend honestly? Or you just run away from your promise let your friend feel hurt from you and then give up?

We know, sometime we couldn't hold our promise. But think it carefully, maybe just be honest to someone whom you promise with. its better than let them hurt because you can't hold promise. Think it if it happen in yours. I thought you will choose to know what happen exactly soon and get bad shocked rather than you wait too long to know what happen, just guessing, thinking, hurt, feel sad, bad for a long time. Don't ever think that if you not talk honestly soon, time will make your friend ready to get bad news. Believe me it will hurt them more if they spent time so long for waiting. SO could you be honest if you couldn't hold your promise? Because promise is made by you, n its your responsibility to make it happen or stop it.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Finding the lost smile

Days, weeks, months... season changes, people changes, life changes. Its has been 2.8 years I life here. First time I was here, I feel so lonely and couldn't put my smile in my face. I had no close real friend around. Then, it starting better, I made this blog a few months after, started to have some good friend through the net.

It has been my best year in 2008, I met a few good friend through the net. We talked a lot, we shared our feeling, sometimes argued, laughed together and when i was in tear they support me a lot. I never felt alone anymore that time. But sure, as season changes, all changes, one by one my friends had their own business. We didn't talk much now. If we met online just a little hi, no more deep talk. Oh, yeah, i missed that time much, but I know, I could do nothing, because if I talk a lot, they will avoid me more. So I prefer to control my self, not talk a lot, staying in silence right now, rather than I lost all friend. Pretending, I am OK even I am dying.

Before, whenever open messenger, many friends will pop up and say hi, sometimes I type in wrong box. Many smile they sent, so I never stop feel happy. Now even I am available in yahoo messenger for a full day, no one will say hi, except two my best friend Lyla and Molina. Thanks for you two girls, only you that fill my day, and I could share many happy and worry. If both of you not online for a few days, I am feel alone. Thanks, for still share me everything, thanks for still hear my tears sometimes, thanks for support. (For Molina, thanks a lot, u never change since the first we met, 6.5 years ago, and even more better, miss u girl, I really want to sit down beside u in pempek shop, and talk... with many laughter n sometimes tears. You are my best friend I ever had)

So, now I try to find my lost smile in my lonely place. I will start my new life, even it doesn't mean I will forget all friend that ever came to my life. Don't hesitate to contact me, I still miss u around. But, I couldn't only wait others cheer my days, or just wait and hope everything will be back as before. I realized, even many promise gave, many hope built, but times make it change. So, I will jump from my comfort zone, as housewife. I try to catch my previous dream that i ever had. I know it will not easy, even now I started to have headache, a little bit desperate, and stress. But, i won't die because feeling lonely and most horrible I couldn't smile anymore, so I will take my chance right now. Even it is hard, and I don't know what will happen with me in my future, but who knows. Just let time pass, and will know... is my smile over there?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Tree of hope

It was sunny evening, when a van stop in front of my house. I didn't know who came with big van since i had not many friend here, and felt I didn't buy anything that need big vehicle to bring. A man with blue shirt went out and call my name.
"Miss Lyly?" he asked.
"Yes?" I answered with a strange feeling.
"Someone, no name sent gift for you, I just asked to bring it in this address, wait a minutes."
He bring out a small tree from the van. I look at the tree with many question mark, who did this?
"Where I must put these tree?"
"Oh.... sorry... u can put here. Thank you."
"Ok miss, have a good evening, bye." he went off after put that tree.


I still didn't know what i will do with the tree, suddenly door bell ringing. A face that i knew well smiling, my best friend. Someone that always cherish my day with smile, and never stop encourage me to be strong in life. Like a sun that brighten my life.
"I saw the tree outside, so you got my gift."
"Oh you sent it to me.. what tree is that"
"Tree of hope. I grafting this tree special for you. I join three plants together. I choose the best variety for survive for the lower portion. And two varietes that have nice taste for the trunk."
"Oh.. ," I still can't understand why he gave me that tree.
He saw my confused and smile again.
"Ha... it just like us... we are different, but we can be a good friend, a special friend. Thats why I gave this to you. As the tree will grow bigger and bigger, same with our relationship, will stronger day by day."
'Oh , I see." I just could catch his idea.
"Do u know what i mean? Let see the tree can grow bigger and bigger even there grow as different plant and now they grow as one. Supporting each other. Like us, I will never let you feel alone."
He brought the tree and asked, "Where we should plant this tree? Choose the place that u can saw easily from your window. So whenever you saw the tree you will remember, never worry what we have will stronger day by day."
"But how if the tree, died?" I look at him, worry.
"Ours will end too, " he look at my eyes and smile again.


Months passed by, since he went back to his place, there is long distance seperate us now. Not like first months before, we talked a lot about that tree, about hope, about us. He convinced me, the tree is easy to take care, even with close my eyes, same with our hope. I just smile, and stop to worry. Lately, I feel it change now.

But a few weeks ago I realized that something happen with the tree. The leaves changed the colour, yellow. some trunk started to whiter. Same with us... more silence between. I was very worry, many mails I sent him, asking about the tree, but he remain silence, change the topic. I never know what happen with him, sometimes he replied a little, feeling there was a distance between.

I ask a friend that I know about the tree, but they dont know nothing about it. A friend told me, it just because the weather, I could do nothing. If the tree strong enough, it will survive.

I was sad every time I saw the tree from the window, I remember what he said, ours will end too if it died. I sent mail again, and ask about that, and i wish i got an answer, "Don't worry I am only joked that day." But you keep silent never answer my question.

This morning, I touched every leaves on our tree of hope, felt many happiness that i have before seeing it grow bigger and bigger as my hope that us will be stronger. And now, in tears I saw it dying. Look at the sky, really hope the weather change, and this tree can survive. I back to my room and saw it from window, and i just mumble by my self, "I only can wait, I only can wait, I only can wait and see..., Hope it survive and grow bigger someday. Hope time will bring you back like before, as u ever promise me.

inspired by a friend word ".. it will bigger and bigger day by day.. wait and see.." (it is only a hope?)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Did you remember??

A good feeling when we have a friend that we could share anything. Smile, laugh, sad, and tears. No need to pretend become a perfect someone, because a good friend could accept our weakness and give time to hear our problem without judging. Sometime we become closer and closer, many secret we share, and the day is not incomplete without say hi.

As I had written before, friendship is like a life, sometimes good or bad. Get closer will open more problem too. For me, I really like have a friend that like siblings, no matter we had fight but then we can forgive each other and smile together again. But sometimes it didn't work with other. Misunderstanding can drive friendship broke in to pieces if we couldn't think about it wisely.

Have u ever feel about that? Hurt by your best friend? Their words made you very angry and then u feel couldn't be with her/him anymore. Their silly act made u mad. And then when they aware about it and ask your forgiveness, you will said "No need, we were not a friend anymore?" Think it... how if it happen with you?

Get mad make us can't think wisely. If you get angry with your best friend, just keep silent first. Remembered all happy moment that you spent. When you feel alone your friend accompanied you, when you feel sad they gave you hugs, when you need someone to hear they gave time to listen, and how many times they made you smile, made you laugh and wiped your tears. How many times you felt become important, felt respect, felt care, and beloved. I knew we couldnt count what your best friend give to us as we give to them.

It is not easy finding a good friend... so please appreciate what u have. Don't forget to keep in touch with them, dont let your friend think that u forget them when u didn't contact them, may be now they need you by their side. Always open your heart when your friends beg ur forgiveness, consider it carefully no one will be free from mistakes. If you feel hurt just give time to heal but try not to break your friendship. Just think ... when u need ur friend there will be there for you, and when u agree to make friendship relationship it came from both side, so not fair if you decide it from your side only.

dedicate to my best friend...What doesn't kill us make us strong, remember you never be alone.. :)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Get solution from Kid's math problem

Since we were young and study math, this subject sometimes make us have a nightmare. When the teacher came to class, suddenly my body like got fever, felt headache. A few minutes after the teacher begin the class, I felt nervous, felt scare if the teacher asked me to do the exercise on the board. So when I got older I could feel what the young learner feel about math. They really need math help, so they could enjoy learning math, not feel burden with that subject.

But yes sure, its difficult to help them by myself, because I am not good enough in that subject, and whenever I open math books I feel I don't know nothing about math. But as parent, we must help them as much as we can. I found an information about online math tutor. They give assistance in math problems, so whenever our kids need help we can find the solution on online math help. We only need to sit down in front of the PC and we can get personal assistance from them even we can talk through VoIP with the tutor.

They provide help on geometry, statistic, trigonometry, calculus and others. So your kids will never worry if they find difficulties in their homework. If you want to know and prove about online math help, u can get free online math help. Just find their advantage for our kids, don't let them hate math, help them to find a way to love math. Because whenever they find it is easy to learn, they will not have bad experiance as we had, stomachache and bad headache when had match class, hahaha.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Saving and Investment in Gold

We couldn't predict what will happen to us in our future. The economic seem up and down every time. Job is unsecure anymore. Inflation rate rise up higher and higher year after year. So, we must prepare our self well. Have any plan for saving or investment? I just make some consideration about this.

First, saving on bank, it save my money for future but I can only get a small interest rate. If I compare it with inflation rate, it seem useless. Second, buy a property, the price will be higher and higher, but i think it need cost for maintaining the property and its expensive too. Third, buy stock, it still too volatile and difficult too predict. Fourth, saving and investment in gold, it could be the best choice.

Thinking about gold price that too expensive, I am searching information on internet. I found that i could get gold coin for my investment and saving. And the most interesting of saving and investment in gold coins, we can buy and sale it at any place in the world, and about the value, never worry about it. Even dollar value was fell in the lowest level as what happen recently, the gold price even become higher. So I thought, I will star to make saving and investment in gold coin for my future. Start now, better late than never

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I love Indonesia too

Honestly, I bored to hear many friends yelling with a harsh words everyday. It became worse with the news of Tari Pendet had been claimed by Malaysia by TV media and newspaper in my country. Even though, there is no proper evidence that it really claimed, but many people there were angry. Lately many confirmation come about this, but it looks like madness make many people are blind.

As Indonesian citizen who live here,its make us feel uncomfortable. Here we make many effort to prove that we are have a good quality, cause my government like to export maid, make Malaysian's mindset that Indonesian people equal to maid. They even not believed when we said there are 5000 expatriate, more than 10.000 are study for master and PhD degree. Half of them living in luxurious place, very wealthy and others living in middle up class. And here as long as we not used subsidize facility, we always treat well, there is no different with other residence.

And what I see here not as bad as Indonesian's media report. Some bad experience will be small case, just compare with good experience, it will happen anywhere we live, even live in our own country.

Many times we share real information here, many times all friend will tell us that we don't love our country. They look like hate to know that there are still many good side here. Just for information, who live here with high education, it will be no matter for us to move on to other country, but think it about blue collar worker, they work here as they could have a job in our country. Here, many things happen with blue collar worker and it happen because our government not put much intention about it seriously. As blue collar have no good bargaining power, unless government make it for them.

About culture, more than 50% Melayu etnic were come from Indonesian, thats why so many Indonesian culture become their culture, that's why they told as part of their culture like chinese culture and indian culture as well. But why Chinnese or Indian never been angry??? Because they have confidence, they already take care all their culture carefully. So why with Indonesia??? Because they know culture only become a symbol. Only a few that care about their culture, even now a few of them disappeared, Indonesian people like to have other cultured. I bet you all when there are two occasion, one music show and other one Javanese dance show, you will choose to see music show.

Please do our part to our country, dont just yelling, because it mean nothing. Anyone who have capability and not stay in their county it doesn't mean that they dont love their country. They try to prove that Indonesian's people capable in international world. Who stay in Indonesia will make effort to make Indonesia greater than before. Who knows about culture will bring it to young generation, and other support for this. Who have a blog, you can write about culture or Indonesian as well so people from other country will know us better. I THOUGHT THAT IT WILL BE MORE MEANINGFUL RATHER THAN SPREAD HATRED IN OUR HEART. BE WISE... SO U WILL BE A GREAT PERSON

I know when we close there will be like and dislike always, but do it with a smart action to win. Spread hatred not a good way to win.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Don't put too much hope to your friend

We always need friend in life, to share about anything,our happiness, our sadness. I am sure that all of you agree, without friend our life mean nothing. A true friend that always understand us, and accept all of our weakness, and whenever we need someone to hear they will beside us, support without judging.

But we must realize that we don't life in fairy tale, that anything always going smooth as we wish. Our relationship with friend not always in a good shape. A friend that always beside, and know everything about our secret suddenly keep quiet, even we thought that they even not put any care about us. We try to contact them many times, but they didn't reply at all. Looks like that we never know each other, or just a usual friend, nothing special.

We must be very disappointed with this, but don't be too sad. Think all thing positively, imagine that your friend have problem that they don't want to share it with you. Life always up and down, same with our friendship, may be in the past they could share anything, but then they decide to keep all things by their self. Or maybe they find someone else that they can trust to keep their secret, and not you. Even we feel we never do anything wrong with them, and just unfair that your friend treat you like that. Please try to accept it, even it is hard for you.

One thing, when we have no good communication, just give yous self a space. Don't write any upset feeling to your friend, because it will make your relationship worse. If you feel must write something, write it but don't sent it, try to read it another day, you will find that you need to change your words. Do it again in the next day, again and again before you feel sure to send it. And wait until your friend reply your mail, send many mail will bother your friend and make them feel like u attack them. Waiting patiently is must, because we only can guess what in their mind, and sometime it was wrong guess. If your friend not send you any message maybe they haven't ready yet to reconcile with you.

So, patient is must. And don't always put too much hope that your friend must perfect as you wish. Just give your sincere in your friendship, but don't always hope you will accept the same as u give, because it will hurt you a lot. Remember, even you are a close friend, but you have different personality with your friend. For example, if you are such caring person, you always love to know hows you friend day by day, but maybe your friend different, feel bother if you did it. You love to tell your friends what you feel, but maybe your friend will tell you only if they really depressed with their problem.

And... the biggest thing.. even you feel can't happy without your friend, but you never could push someone to stay as your friend. So you need to prepare your self that your friend could change someday, maybe your friend would be back to be your close friend still or your friend choose to stay away from you as an ordinary frind.

Make your home a safety place

Have a kids bellow 4 year is adorable. They like to explore anything around them. But they still can't control their self. They don't know yet what they do, sometime put them in danger. As a parent we must take care of them, but it don't mean that you can not do anything except watch over them while playing. We could chose a safe area for them to play while we busy with our activities. but it is difficult when the area have connect with danger place like kitchen.

Sometimes kids run to us when we busy in the kitchen. They don't understand about hot stove or knife. Rather than you will face a serious accident, you can put a child safety gates. So, they can't come to the kitchen. Don't worry about it will make your room ugly, because many baby gate available in many colors and design. So, you can choose that will perfectly go in your decor.

Another thing, if you have other floor in your home, please put stairway gates both in side in your stair. Don't let your kids climb up stair without your companion. Choose the gate that not easy for kids to open it, so you will exactly sure it safe for your family. Be aware if your kids go down stair by their own. Kids could be falling down, because they couldn't move carefully. That's why you neend to put the stairway gates on the top.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Jathilan or kuda kepang

This traditional dance is using “kuda kepang” are bamboo webbing formly like a horse with black or white colour . The dancer mount on “kuda kepang” are portrays prowess horsing soldier with all the action movements.
The dancer put kuda kepang like a soldier ride a horse than he start dance with music come from kendhang, bonang, saron, kempul, slompret and ketipung (all are javanesse music).

Jathilan known as one of the oldest dance in java. This dance also known as "Kuda Kepang" or "Jaran Kepang" There 6 or 8 dancers wear the same uniform will dance as couple.
As addition there will be dancers that use mask as a genderuwo (devil) or barongan (lion). They appear to disturb the soldiers.

Jathilan is popular in east java, central java and Yogjakarta Indonesia. they have their own version. This dance identic with soldiers with their horse on the battle, use swords as weapon. This original version, the dancer will dance without stop until one of them unconscious but still dance. They will eat broken glass without pain or bloody at all or open coconut with their teeth.

Get my favorite TV programs

What do you think with TV programs now days? I bet you will agree with me, only have many bore programs. So whenever I start to sit down and take TV remote, i will change the channel for many times but not find a good programs. That make me upset. I would like to do another thing rather than stay in front of TV. But sometimes I feel really need TV, when I am feeling not well. That's why I try to find Direct TV.

But it looks like not easy to find Direct T V with have a good quality image and sound. I ever have experience that I got TV cable but always loss the sound or no image when the day is rainy, even only a light rain. It was so bad. Looks like our LCD TV was useless because they didn't provide us with a detailed picture. So I ask many of my friends before decide to take on tv cable services, and mostly of them suggest me to try DirectTV which provide high definition format. Also one of my consideration is programming packages that they offer.

Just be a wise costumer, find a better offer with a good quality. Lets check and find out in, sure yo will find out a good offer 256+ channel free including movie channels, really amazing offer. Now, I never get upset when find my favorite programs, no doubt, with a good quality picture and sound too. And if you are fans of NFL, here we are.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Gastric again :(

It just a week fasting, but I have severe gastric pain already. It is only slight pain during dayligh when i am fasting but after break my fasting it become worse. Even every break my fasting I always take gasric medicine first but it cant help. I am really suffer and make me feel prefer not eat anything at all. Because after eat a little food I want to vomit. I will be in pain until late of night, make me couldn't sleep well.

I dont know what to do with this pain. Sometimes like heart burn and make me hard to breathe too. Even last year I almost got faint when the pain got worst. Doctor told me to have some injection but make me couldn't wake up for a day, but I refused for that because no one could take care my kids. This pain really make me suffer a lot, sometimes its hard even only for stand up. Really don't know what to do whit this gastric symptom, even I didnt eat too much and not eat spicy food also take medicine, it still very painful

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Comfortable and safe choice for your kids

Kids always become our concern, especially if they are still under 2 years. They always like to explore anything around them. They like to grab anything, bite them and sometime throw it. Become our responsibility to give them the right toy. As a baby like to grab toy with eye catching color give them colorful toy but non toxic color. Not only the color but you must sure that all part of the toy safe to bite and it will not hurt or poisoning your kids. You can choose haba toys or jellycat as your choice.

Our kids also like to play much. Do you mention that they need comfortable shirt? When they play they will run, jump, and other activities that will make them sweating too much. Make sure that they comfort with their shirt,so they can move along easily. You can choose 100% cotton shirt like appaman. They have attractive design, both in long sleeve or short sleeve also they have many choice in colors, your kids can choose their favorite one. And the nicest thing for you, it can wash in machine wash.

After so many activities in daylight, you must not forget to take care them when they go to sleep. When the weather become cold prepare a warm blanket for them. Choose a soft one like barefoot dreams , so your kids could smile in their dream. Sleeping under soft and comfortable blanket will give them feeling like touch by the the cloud, so nice.

Personal safety - tips on snatch theft prevention

There is an increase in snatch theft cases in major towns and the areas around us. We wish to highlight some information that may be useful to you and your family.

It is not easy to identify snatch thieves or pick pockets. Each visit to crowded place, each 'accidental' bump from someone, each 'innocent' passer-by is a possible addition to the statistics of such theft. The chances of retrieving your possessions may be slim. The hassle is vast, but the prevention is simple.


· Avoid carrying excess cash and displaying it in public. Bring just enough for your purpose.
· Use a purse or wallet instead of a big bag (sling or hand carry) best kept in a pocket which can be buttoned.
· If you have to use a sling bag, keep it in front of you so that you can keep an eye on it and hold it close. Make sure it is properly fastened or zipped.

· Do not leave your handbags in your shopping basket or trolley.
· Avoid being at over-crowded places or scrambling with others onto a public transport. Check your wallet or handbag immediately if someone jostles or bumps into you.
· Walk on the opposite direction of the road or against the flow of traffic.
· Avoid being alone in the dark, deserted areas or while taking the lift.
· While driving, do not leave your bags at the passenger seat of your vehicle.
· Keep windows and doors locked as soon as you enter your vehicle. Be wary of people around you, especially strangers.

If you are a victim of snatch theft

· Do not struggle or fight back if the perpetrators are after your personal belongings. Your belongings could be replaced but not your life.
· Attract attention by shouting for help.
· Take note of the appearance, race, license plate number, vehicle model, colour, etc.
· If the perpetrators are still at the scene, immediately leave the location for a safer place.
· Subsequently lodge a police report at the nearest police station and inform your bank and credit card company to have your ATM and credit card cancelled.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Housewares that can help me as a homemaker

Live as a homemaker make me feel so tired. I really need housewares that can help me to do my daily activities. Honestly clothes consume more than half of my time. From dirty clothes, I need to wash it properly, but it will be hard if I do it manually. So, I must have a good washing machine to help me, but I want a washing machine that no need to put much water in it.

A big problem for me as home maker happen while iron clothes. I already change 4 times for my iron. First one, it was not hot enough so I got difficulty to ironing my clothes. The second one, it too hot and it burned my clothes. And third one, its perfect in temperature, but it only have spray and not have steam system. I thought I need the perfect steam iron, because my husband's shirt always have stubborn wrinkle, also it must have non stick surface that will last longer.

Other I need vacuum cleaner because my kids always make carpet dirt from any food crap. When find a good vacuum cleaner think about bag or bag less. I ever have a bad experience with bag, my vacuum cleaner burnt after I replaced the bag. So, make sure that u can replace it easily or choose bag less for your safety. The sound also become one of your consideration, if u only have time to clean your house at night, choose the quiet one. For me, noise doesn't matter because I can do my housework when anyone go to office or school. So choose your righ one and be happy as a homemaker

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sugar Shortage... hate it.

Last week I heard from a friend that she couldn't find any sugar on supermarket even on kedai runcit (shop). I thought it must be near ramadhan, many people will consume more sugar. But surprisingly that was not for that reason.

So... what happend???
We face sugar shortage.. is expected to be in short supply worldwide this year because of freak weather. Even most major hypermarket still have sufficiently stocked but they put limited buy 2kg-4kg customer. Oh... it will be drive me crazy.. so what other choice, use brown sugar, Gula melaka, or Gula batu..

Imagine it will be annoying, especially for cake or biscuit maker, it almost Eid Fitri. I couldnt imagine I have tea with less sugar. or have a biscuit with less sugar. Wish the weather will be friendly soon, n bring back sugar to this world

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I win.. uhuyyy (Random Surprise 2)

It has been a long time since the last post, so many things happen in my life, make me lazy to update this blog. Now, I just want to back to write again. I will try to spare my time to write and to visit my blogger friends

One reason why I was lazy to updated this blog, I just addicted with one of playfish game, "Pet society" hahaha. It drive me crazy how to make my Cimoet rich. It consume much of my free time. This games really make addicted, not only to make rich, but how to decor them and join many competition in Pet Society Mania Indonesia.
I think Pet Mania Indonesia make me crazy to play Pet... n now I just receive a message. I won Random surprise from them.. uhuyyyy

Dear members,
Setelah diskusi para admin,akhirnya, kami memutuskan pemenang Random Surprises 2 kali ini adalah:

Level Pemula:
Lina K.Sari (pet: Cimoet)

Level Menengah:
Emmanuelly Keisa Christa Methys (pet: Lebe-Je)

Level Menengah-Atas:
Nama: Siska Nino Abdullah (pet: Moya)

Good luck for other champion.. Go CIMOET go hihihii. Cimoet will get some TWS (furniture), jukebox n new item di luxury n DIY

Monday, May 25, 2009

Gift for kids

Waiting for go back home is all that I fell now. But I must bring gift for my niece, my sister's 19 months daughter. She is a very cute kids. I start to think to buy her some sweet clothes. Find out many choices in designer baby clothes, I think some of dress will make her pretty, or shirts and legging that can she wear for playing on the park. Imagine her wear this clothes and run on the park make me smile a lot. How I miss my niece so much.

Kids always love to play and one of their favorite is doll. Jellycat provide many animal doll, from sheep, kitten, dog, bugs bunny, penguin, ponny and still many more. I know well my niece love penguin, i will buy her bunglie penguin. Oh I think i will bought for my kids too, since I don't want they think I don't love them, only think about their aunt daughter. Ok, I will buy one snuffle monkey for my son, and bartlesham bunny for my daughter, and will buy some soft books for all. Hope they can play together happily with these toys.

Last things that I must prepare, my mom 's home was so cold when night. I need to bring suitable clothes for sleep. Since here always hot, I have no suitable clothes. I will find it in barefoot dreams to get a few pairs for my kids. Hmm..I saw cozychic womens v-neck, I thinkI have to buy one for me. Its not fair only buy for kids, moms need to hahaha. Ready for home.... mom, dad, sis, wait we will meet you soon.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Friendship.. need more understanding

This week, I still have no good mood. I just can't throw my bad feeling from my heart and my mind. So I choose to stay quiet, only open facebook, spent my time to watch TV or listening music only. Feeling so lonely. Actually I always have that feeling,but I will be ok after go for a walk for shopping or just eat outside... but really have no mood at all to do that.

A few days ago I like to open my messenger on available status, I just need someone to talk even only a few words. But lucky me, friends who said hello just want to take a fight, arrggghhh.

For me, have different opinion is ok. I wont push my opinion to others, as a human being have a freedom to have their own thinking. I prefer to said "Yeah, everyone have their own, If you believe for something but I don't or vice versa its no problems." I appreciate the way of my friend thinking and wont have any misunderstanding. Push our own opinion can hurt other feeling, if you want only discussion maybe better stop when you can't get one opinion.

I believe in a friendship we need to understand friend's need. Sometimes not all that they have want to share. They only talk a little of their problem but not share the detail. Even we really want to know about that, but we must act wisely not push them and even angry if they dont want to share. Just respect their privacy as much as you can. No matter that you feel you already open with your friend but they didn't do the same. Maybe they really want to keep it by their self that why they dont want to tell you. If its no impact with your friendship, just take it.Friendship need more understanding.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Back to the Kitchen

I just watched cooking show on TV, and i just realized that cooking can be a fun activity. Before I always think that cooking was very difficult to learn so I prefer to buy frozen food, only need to boil, fry or put it in microwave. Having frozen foods always sometimes make me loose my appetite, and only found a few delicious ones. So i will try to cook by my self from now.

But wait since I never cooking I think I have no many kitchen ware or cooking tool. I need to find any suitable tools that I need. First I love to drink juice, I will find a good blender. I always put some ice while blend my juice so the blender must have ice crusher. I don't want take a risk if the blender knife broken because i put too many ice on there.

I love to eat meat, but i prefer to have the soft meat and tender. But i don't want spent too much time for waiting it soft. I will need pressure cooker to help me get what i want. It's not only time saving but also retains moisture and its flavor. Last, i like to have steamed fish and some steam vegetables. I need electronic steamer, so i can put the fish on that add some herbs and spices, then just turn on on specific time and it ready to serve. I can cook the fish and the vegetables at the same time too. Look, I think, it is not difficult to prepare dinner. I am ready to back to the kitchen

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My bad days

It has been a long time have no mood to update this blog. I have bad weeks before. My kids got fever and cough. Vomit many times a day. Lately I got fever and cough because too tired. Now both of them better, I am happy, but still no mood to write hihihi

I dont know what happen to me, need some power to make me back to blogging world and say hi to many friends. Still not feel happy at all. Hope after take 2 weeks vacation on my home country I will be ok

Hiks... need some support, I lost one by one my online friend lately, busy with their activities make them not contact me at all. I just feel lonely and dont want to open my laptop anymore. Because when i open my laptop.. i feel more lonely than before. Miss u all my friend, I know even we cant contact as much as we did before but we still care each other right? Hope so...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Redesign Home Interior with Lighting

Having a standard home something make me feel bored. But I have not enough money to rebuilt it with new design. I really want to make a change in my home and I try to find any idea from interior magazine. Change furniture will be one of the option,
but I don't want it, because I love my furniture a lot. I just stop in one option, when it will make a great change and still on my budget. Yes, lighting, why not change my bulp and standard lamp with a modern one. It will give a new style at my home furniture

Ok i will make a list for the changes. First, find suitable lamps for my ceiling lamp, now it only round bulb with no artistic value, with a lamp that will visualize modern and elegant style. Second, I need at at least 2 standing lamp with modern style and must not usual in shape to replace my old one. Next, for my bed room, I will replace two my wall lamp too. I saw george kovacs lamps have many varieties for the lamp that I need such as lighting fixtures, table lamps, floor lamps and bath lights. And it have been proven for 50 years for high quality and its contemporary design

Oh, yes, I find another nice lamp for my dinning room too. Series pendant light fixture it will make my dining room looks contemporary but romantics. One more for my dry kitchen, a place that I spent time for tea and talk at night, bling-bling It will be great for first changes, will explore more as i have enough budget later.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fashion Week at Mid Valley and Garden

Fashion Week in Mid Valley and Garden, good news and bad news for me, when I heard about it yesterday. The good news there are 20% discount in many famous product sounds great to renew my collection, but the bad news our weekend will be stuck only in Mid Valley from morning to evening, kyaaaaa, yups My JURAGAN will stick with his camera, hunting photos.

Finally today, Saturday, since 11.30 we came to Mid Valley. Yups sounds great collection. Hope i can have one of their collection LOL. But it was soo tired, stand up to see 4 season fashion show, 3 in Mid valley and 1 in Garden. Mid Valley have more huge stage than Garden, but models in Garden looks more beautiful and handsome, haha. So both of them have a good point for Photographers

Today I saw collection from PDI, Padini, Padini authentic and Robinson. Padini Authentic show make me surprise, show girl only in underwear even only in on top. I just imagine if the show in my country, there will be many protest coz this s how open for public. Even the model is western girl but I feel... ( I cant explain it .. :))

But saw Fashion Show make me realize that how fat I am know huhuhu, wish.. wish... wish I have flat tummy like them. Especially when I went to store and looked for the clothes that I really like, when one models wore it in the stage,.. OMG its looks not nice. Hiks-hiks .. but I still want too looking for another collection, 20% off for new collection, still value for money :) SHOPPING TIME ....

Friday, April 17, 2009

Drive carefully please

Last few days i read an email about a young woman who died in car accident, she used her blackberry while drive. Its a sad story, many people in my country not aware how they put themselves and other and danger, as driving need to be concentrate. I read many notice in Jakarta, the not allow driver to send any SMS. I just surprised, how come they send SMS while driving? But lately I realize people there love to use phone, IPhone, blackberry when drive... so bad.

Here in Malaysia we not allow to make a call while driving. Police will give us a fine. But the emphasis does not about fine it's more about safety. Compare from Jakarta, here Malaysian people will drive in high speed in the city about 60-100km/hour or drive out of town will 100-150km/hour.What do you think? Crazy? Too fast? Just come here, I bet you that you will drive faster then people here.

Can you imagine if driver use phone when drive? They can have fatal accident, and loss their life. Even without phone here so many accident happen, because thy drive too fast. When something happen in front of them they failed to react in the correct action

I know in my country we drive so slowly many traffic jam, but it doesn't mean that driver can use their phone that time for make a call, send SMS or surfing in net. If you really want to send SMS, find a safe place to stop first.

Here many times I get upset too when drive, because many drivers never give sign before they move to another side, so better always aware with any bad situation. Or sometimes another driver make me panic, because just intimidate in the behind,
not overtake our car from another lane. Make enough distance from the car in front of you, just make sure if the car behind hit u, u wont hit the car in front of you and make another fatal accident.

Never ever stop at danger place, especially in the highway. Sometimes when they drive too fast (110-140km/hour) they are not aware if there is car stop in front of them.

Check your tires, your brake periodically, always fasten your seat belt and all your passenger seat belt. Flat tires, or blowout tires can make a very bad accident, and not wear seat belt it can cause serious injury even death. If another driver make you angry, try to stay calm, remember you have a duty to prevent accident.

OK Keep save when driving, don't use phone, chat and begin to drive carefully and dont forget to respect another safety.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Passionate Blogger Award to Amina

I got Passionate blogger award from Windy and want to share this award to Amina of Its My Life. I just met her because we use entrecard to have blog walking around blog world. She was blogging since February 2009

I just happy met her, because she ever lived in Malaysia and sometimes she say hi with Bahasa Melayu. Even malaysia is not our country origin, but its nice, at least I met a friend who ever live here as a foreigner, hope someday she will share her experience to live here

Amina same with me, stay at home mom, have 3 handsome son. As her habits from teenager who loved to write her daily activities in a diary and keep it in a locked drawer so nobody can read it. And now he reviving her habit and wrote all her thought
in a blog and share it with everyone in the world.

Hope you can enjoy this blogging time and keep write Amina (don't ever worry about your English :) I have the same problem with you, hope English become my mother language, so just write your anything you like) and wish you joy and happiness in your life always. Take care

Friday, April 3, 2009

Datuk Sri Najib Tun Razak, Malaysia the 6th PM

Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak was sworn in as the sixth prime minister at 10 am at Istana Negara today. It is common knowledge that Najib is a leading member of the country 's political aristocracy, being the eldest son of Malaysia's second prime minister and a nephew of its third.

Prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has appealed to the people to "judge me by action". Najib champions the concept of "one Malaysia", rejecting the dangerous politics of devide and rule in a multi-ethnics country.

He also courageously defended the importance of mastering English, when lesser leader might have been tempted to play a chauvinistic gallery. He thus effectively muted what had been mob sentiment against English in school. Najib also promised greater transparancy and accountability in governance

As Indonesian who live in Malaysia I only hope the new Prime minister more open too foreigner (give an easy way to apply permanent resident hahaha), especially who come from Indonesia, make a better relationship with my country and can live as a good neighbour with us.

Congrutulations to Dato Sri Najib... hope u can fulfill your promise.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Top EC Dropper in March

Its my first month to join entrecard, and its adorable site that can boost traffic. Even some people said thats visitor only came and drop, not read the content, but its ok, perhaps if I have a good post they will stop a little bit longer and read my post.

Here is my top 10 dropper for March 2009
1. Confessions of a Psychotic Housewife 27
2. Windmill on the Hill 26
3. IJP's Haven 25
4. The Main Ingredient 23
5. The Certified Fashionable Chic 23
6. Beyond Feron 23
7. Broken Hallelujah 23
8. Life's Journey 22
9. DJ Tammy Squels 21
10. Dutch boy from Groningen 21

Thanks a lot for mt 10 dropper, and for all entrecard participant that drop and bought my ads, really happy to know you all.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lovely award

I got award from Lyla, my best friend, who inspired me to monetize my blog, thanks a lot :D

The Rules : Name 7 things/person that you love then pass this on to 7 other bloggers.
1. I love my God, Allah SWT
2. I love all off my family
3. I love all my good friends
4. I love my blogs
5. I love to eat outside haha
6. I love to hear music n watching movie
7. I love to have my world full of love with no war and hate, just love love love...

I will pass this award to all my friend who ever post comment in my page, thanks for being you friend.. I love u all..

Friday, March 27, 2009

Direct TV, the best value for money

Today we face a bad recession, so many goods and services rise their price. We must think it wisely to arrange our income. First things to do , you must ready to figure out how to reduce expense. Cell phone, home energy, smaller house and cable tv are item that we can consider for reducing their cost.

I just find out to change cable TV to Direct TV because they offer a better price than cable TV. With cable TV sometimes I must change the package channels to make me straight to my budget. When there is a special SPORT event my husband will order Sport channels and stop my favorite movie channels. We must do that, because if we take both channels will be too expensive. I just felt happy when found, they offer more than 150 channels in affordable price, without activation fees. It sounds nice, isn't it? No need to drop one of our favorite channels.

When we subscribe in cable TV we always worry with quality, every channel in DirectTV is digital quality, you will see the difference from cable TV, incredibly sharp pictures and accurate color. You'll think it's live! One incredible things that u will get, Another great thing about directv’s HD DVR that DirectTV offer is that you can record more than one show at the same time. So no need to be afraid you will missed your favorite channels even in your busy time.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, Putrajaya

Last week there was a special event in Putrajaya, Hot Air Balloon Fiesta Organized by Malaysian Sport Aviation Federation (MSAF) and AKA Balloon Sdn Bhd. There are 25 hot air balloon participated in this event. We just late when we came there on Sunday 11 am but lucky we still catch up the last show.

Located in Precinct 2, Putrajaya adjacent to the ‘Monumen Alaf Baru' so many people came and want to see the show from close place. When we was there there 16 balloons flew together, from Australia, Belgium, Germany,Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand,France

Flying the Hot Air Balloon is dependent on the weather; whereby the wind has to be calm and the sky is clear. The weather forecast in March for Putrajaya is suitable for flying hot air balloons. In Sunday we must wait until 6.50 w hen the wind has blow calm. Thats a nice experience know how to prepare the balloon, using truck cos the balloon quite long and how they fill the gas.

Its beutiful time when saw one by one ballon flew to the sky. Amazing ... share the pic only.. speechless hehehe. Even there is ballon with no box.. oh... cant imagine ride that balloon

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Strategy not to lose your job

There are so many laid off now days because of this recession, so what you can do to make your job still be yours
* Do take credit : let everyone knows what are you doing, you can have a summary what you are doing and submit that to your boss
* Don't ask for rise or promotion, you are still lucky have job now
* do volunteer for extra work : many of your colleagues loss their job, so the ones who still stay need to pick up extra work, try to accept this condition.
* Do arrive early and stay late, it can prove your commitment to your job

* Don't telecommute; avoid to working from home because it makes harder for your boss to know about you
* Don't be eccentric. Throw away your eccentric performance or style, wear not usual clothes or other thing that make you looks eye catching. So if you did something wrong they will recognize you easier.
* Don't be high maintenance just make your boss's job easier not harder
* Do chat up your boss and your boss's boss; it really can make a good relationship with them and your boss will know you well than before
* do stay informed about what happen with your company so you know what you must do to handle a bad situation but don't gossip about your company cause it make your fear will distract you for being productive

Wish all off you can retain your job and still can pay your credit card debt, pay loan and still can afford your live

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Teluk Cempedak n Beserah Beach Kuantan Pahang

It was my bad vacation that I ever had... we end up at the hotel room coz rainy day n not stop, only an hour we got opportunity to see the beach. Lucky we stayed in a nice four star hotel Swiss Garden with affordable price RM 496 for 3D/2N, at least kids still can play in lobby, even Fadia make disaster, broke a lamp there.

Beserah beach is located in East Coast Peninsula 10 km from Kuantan, well known as a fisherman village, , Beserah also houses a batik factory and many cottage handicraft workshops, which produce items mainly of seashells and local plant materials.
Its long white sandy beaches, coupled with are seas offer the most pleasu rable relaxation. But now its still not nice as my first visit last year, coz it still on March ( the time when the North Easterly wind blows from the South China Sea) so i ts too windy in the afternoon, plus rain all day make the beach was full mud, not blue.

The next day still rain too hiks, we tried to visit Teluk cempedak. Teluk cempedak is an excellent beach for sailing, surfing, jet-skiing and sunbathing. B ut not that time coz no sun that day huhuhu.... Souvenir and handicraft shops are all within walking distance. We can jungle-trek through the TC Forest Reserve into idyllic Pelindung beach. This beach quite nice coz we can see the waves hit the rock, not like Beserah, almost all are sandy beach, here some big stone near the jungle make a fantastic view

We had lunch or dinner at the famous Pak Su Seafood restaurant. Food not only delicious but reasonably priced too (you cant get such price in KL well) Just becareful to choose place to eat, coz its look nice outside but arrggghhh so bad inside

Here the hotel we stay... its quite nice place i think with nice breakfast too

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Thanks for being you...friends

I'd love to have many friend, and share many thing. I will share happiness, wish and many thing. But surely when they have a problem I can be an ear to hear all, until them can release their problem, don't worry i never share their secret to another. What I did make a friend laugh a lot, and said "You hear so many problem, you can be crazy someday".

May be u right, but dont worry for now I still can handle it, even sometimes make me feel too worry, even cry for their problem. But I know, sometimes we need someone who we believe to share all problem. And I believe too, if someday i have a problem they will give me support too

In my circle friend I have a friend who face a big problem in his life. He told me that he lucky he have many friends who always support him, and always care about him. No matter how busy life, but true friends always come to comfort him, make him stronger. I really believe the power of friendship.

I have no a big problem (hope i won't)only sometimes get bored with life hahaha. And I am lucky too some friends in their busy time never forget to ask about mel. If I put a strange status on YM or facebook many of them will ask me. Thanks for always stand by me.. friends. Even your busy day, really appreciated.

(special thanks for my friends Molina, Lyla, Bango, Ary, and friend who always calls me "crazy" or the ones call me " lazy and lost girl", who always think me as " a very special friend" you are so sweet even in your bad time, for my friends who never stop traveling but still remember to send me message except no internet connection in the hotel hahaha, ... thanks a lot, even we not talk everyday, but you color my day and make me headache in the same time too)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Love?? care or hurt?

Read Lyla post about "cinta dan sakit hati" I remembered some story about my friends. They told me about how love can hurt them a lot, and from that I knew what it can happen.
Love is a nature feeling, we can't push them to come anytime we want. Even when we meet a handsome or a beautiful one but if love not come,there will be nothing happen. But even we meet just ordinary person, your heart feeling warm inside and get the same chemistry... you are falling in LOVE. The problem will come how to make that love will long lasting

One of a reason why so many relationship fail and why its look great only in the beginning. In the beginning, there are so many caring message, call, smile you will send to your love one. Everyday you will open your mail send her/him a long mail, a sweet mail. Or send SMS just to know hows everything, make a call coz u miss to hear his/her voice.

But what happen after that, after you know he/she have the same feeling, you feel no need to give so much care like before. No intensive mail, sms or calling. Before you spent one-two hours to contact her/him but later 5 -10 minutes still too long for you. Sometimes you don't drop any message, and when your love one ask about that you will told her/him, "Please understand me, I am so busy nowadays, you know about this economic recession. I am under pressure, cant talk with u" Do you know your words can HURT his/her feeling a lot.

Oh Guys what you think, if he or she don't mean to ask so many time from you. As you both are already grown, and know what happen with this world recently, no need to make it as a reason not to contact. Just in case if you have no time...You only need 5 sentence to send to her/him, to prove you are still CARE, example
"Hi, how are u today?
"hope everything is ok with you."
"sorry I am a little bit busy, I'll try to say hi if I have time"
"remember you always be my best, or remember i always miss u"

"take care a lot"

Is that simple? 3 minutes only to send this mail to show that you care. Don't break his/her heart. Just Imagine if she or he tired and then sent this message "hey, how are you today, not hear from you for a long time, busy? Ok I wont bother you anymore. Good luck. Wish you have your happiness always">>> that's mean she or he said goodbye forever to you. You will lose everything after that. IF YOU STILL LOVE HER/HIM give a little care... Because when you said you love someone you must CARE your one not HURT his/her feeling. If you don't, just prepare your heart to lose your love forever.

dedicated for my friends who start to build new relationship and friends who failed with their relationship, just take A CARE as a lesson.. hope everything will be ok.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary n Deerland

Here we spent this weekend, visited Kuala Gandah Elephant Santuary n Deerland.
Kuala Gandah Elephant Conservation Centre, or popularly referred to as the Elephant Orphanage Sanctuary, is located within the bio diversified-rich and protected Krau Game Reserve & was set up in 1989 under the DWNP

Entrance to the sanctuary is free donations are most welcome). Bring a change of clothes be prepared to get wet. Park activities start at about 2.00 p.m. local time.

In this place we can feeding the elephant (its really funny time imagine the elephant touch your hand, and take peanut, warm and cold in the same time hahaha). Beside that we also can see when they have bath time. Enjoy how fun when they have bath, naughty elephant make both the guarn fell down on the water. You can ride the elephant too, but only 120 visitor only, must have a call for reservation if u interested to ride the elephant.

Dont forget to visit deerland about 5 km from elephant sanctuary. We can feeding deer too and see some animal in there, with entrance fee RM 5 for adult, and RM3 for children. In this place my son had fun play with the deer. But look Juragan was afraid while feeding the deer, some deer bite his T shirt too hahaha.

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