Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Did you remember??

A good feeling when we have a friend that we could share anything. Smile, laugh, sad, and tears. No need to pretend become a perfect someone, because a good friend could accept our weakness and give time to hear our problem without judging. Sometime we become closer and closer, many secret we share, and the day is not incomplete without say hi.

As I had written before, friendship is like a life, sometimes good or bad. Get closer will open more problem too. For me, I really like have a friend that like siblings, no matter we had fight but then we can forgive each other and smile together again. But sometimes it didn't work with other. Misunderstanding can drive friendship broke in to pieces if we couldn't think about it wisely.

Have u ever feel about that? Hurt by your best friend? Their words made you very angry and then u feel couldn't be with her/him anymore. Their silly act made u mad. And then when they aware about it and ask your forgiveness, you will said "No need, we were not a friend anymore?" Think it... how if it happen with you?

Get mad make us can't think wisely. If you get angry with your best friend, just keep silent first. Remembered all happy moment that you spent. When you feel alone your friend accompanied you, when you feel sad they gave you hugs, when you need someone to hear they gave time to listen, and how many times they made you smile, made you laugh and wiped your tears. How many times you felt become important, felt respect, felt care, and beloved. I knew we couldnt count what your best friend give to us as we give to them.

It is not easy finding a good friend... so please appreciate what u have. Don't forget to keep in touch with them, dont let your friend think that u forget them when u didn't contact them, may be now they need you by their side. Always open your heart when your friends beg ur forgiveness, consider it carefully no one will be free from mistakes. If you feel hurt just give time to heal but try not to break your friendship. Just think ... when u need ur friend there will be there for you, and when u agree to make friendship relationship it came from both side, so not fair if you decide it from your side only.

dedicate to my best friend...What doesn't kill us make us strong, remember you never be alone.. :)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Get solution from Kid's math problem

Since we were young and study math, this subject sometimes make us have a nightmare. When the teacher came to class, suddenly my body like got fever, felt headache. A few minutes after the teacher begin the class, I felt nervous, felt scare if the teacher asked me to do the exercise on the board. So when I got older I could feel what the young learner feel about math. They really need math help, so they could enjoy learning math, not feel burden with that subject.

But yes sure, its difficult to help them by myself, because I am not good enough in that subject, and whenever I open math books I feel I don't know nothing about math. But as parent, we must help them as much as we can. I found an information about online math tutor. They give assistance in math problems, so whenever our kids need help we can find the solution on online math help. We only need to sit down in front of the PC and we can get personal assistance from them even we can talk through VoIP with the tutor.

They provide help on geometry, statistic, trigonometry, calculus and others. So your kids will never worry if they find difficulties in their homework. If you want to know and prove about online math help, u can get free online math help. Just find their advantage for our kids, don't let them hate math, help them to find a way to love math. Because whenever they find it is easy to learn, they will not have bad experiance as we had, stomachache and bad headache when had match class, hahaha.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Saving and Investment in Gold

We couldn't predict what will happen to us in our future. The economic seem up and down every time. Job is unsecure anymore. Inflation rate rise up higher and higher year after year. So, we must prepare our self well. Have any plan for saving or investment? I just make some consideration about this.

First, saving on bank, it save my money for future but I can only get a small interest rate. If I compare it with inflation rate, it seem useless. Second, buy a property, the price will be higher and higher, but i think it need cost for maintaining the property and its expensive too. Third, buy stock, it still too volatile and difficult too predict. Fourth, saving and investment in gold, it could be the best choice.

Thinking about gold price that too expensive, I am searching information on internet. I found that i could get gold coin for my investment and saving. And the most interesting of saving and investment in gold coins, we can buy and sale it at any place in the world, and about the value, never worry about it. Even dollar value was fell in the lowest level as what happen recently, the gold price even become higher. So I thought, I will star to make saving and investment in gold coin for my future. Start now, better late than never

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I love Indonesia too

Honestly, I bored to hear many friends yelling with a harsh words everyday. It became worse with the news of Tari Pendet had been claimed by Malaysia by TV media and newspaper in my country. Even though, there is no proper evidence that it really claimed, but many people there were angry. Lately many confirmation come about this, but it looks like madness make many people are blind.

As Indonesian citizen who live here,its make us feel uncomfortable. Here we make many effort to prove that we are have a good quality, cause my government like to export maid, make Malaysian's mindset that Indonesian people equal to maid. They even not believed when we said there are 5000 expatriate, more than 10.000 are study for master and PhD degree. Half of them living in luxurious place, very wealthy and others living in middle up class. And here as long as we not used subsidize facility, we always treat well, there is no different with other residence.

And what I see here not as bad as Indonesian's media report. Some bad experience will be small case, just compare with good experience, it will happen anywhere we live, even live in our own country.

Many times we share real information here, many times all friend will tell us that we don't love our country. They look like hate to know that there are still many good side here. Just for information, who live here with high education, it will be no matter for us to move on to other country, but think it about blue collar worker, they work here as they could have a job in our country. Here, many things happen with blue collar worker and it happen because our government not put much intention about it seriously. As blue collar have no good bargaining power, unless government make it for them.

About culture, more than 50% Melayu etnic were come from Indonesian, thats why so many Indonesian culture become their culture, that's why they told as part of their culture like chinese culture and indian culture as well. But why Chinnese or Indian never been angry??? Because they have confidence, they already take care all their culture carefully. So why with Indonesia??? Because they know culture only become a symbol. Only a few that care about their culture, even now a few of them disappeared, Indonesian people like to have other cultured. I bet you all when there are two occasion, one music show and other one Javanese dance show, you will choose to see music show.

Please do our part to our country, dont just yelling, because it mean nothing. Anyone who have capability and not stay in their county it doesn't mean that they dont love their country. They try to prove that Indonesian's people capable in international world. Who stay in Indonesia will make effort to make Indonesia greater than before. Who knows about culture will bring it to young generation, and other support for this. Who have a blog, you can write about culture or Indonesian as well so people from other country will know us better. I THOUGHT THAT IT WILL BE MORE MEANINGFUL RATHER THAN SPREAD HATRED IN OUR HEART. BE WISE... SO U WILL BE A GREAT PERSON

I know when we close there will be like and dislike always, but do it with a smart action to win. Spread hatred not a good way to win.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Don't put too much hope to your friend

We always need friend in life, to share about anything,our happiness, our sadness. I am sure that all of you agree, without friend our life mean nothing. A true friend that always understand us, and accept all of our weakness, and whenever we need someone to hear they will beside us, support without judging.

But we must realize that we don't life in fairy tale, that anything always going smooth as we wish. Our relationship with friend not always in a good shape. A friend that always beside, and know everything about our secret suddenly keep quiet, even we thought that they even not put any care about us. We try to contact them many times, but they didn't reply at all. Looks like that we never know each other, or just a usual friend, nothing special.

We must be very disappointed with this, but don't be too sad. Think all thing positively, imagine that your friend have problem that they don't want to share it with you. Life always up and down, same with our friendship, may be in the past they could share anything, but then they decide to keep all things by their self. Or maybe they find someone else that they can trust to keep their secret, and not you. Even we feel we never do anything wrong with them, and just unfair that your friend treat you like that. Please try to accept it, even it is hard for you.

One thing, when we have no good communication, just give yous self a space. Don't write any upset feeling to your friend, because it will make your relationship worse. If you feel must write something, write it but don't sent it, try to read it another day, you will find that you need to change your words. Do it again in the next day, again and again before you feel sure to send it. And wait until your friend reply your mail, send many mail will bother your friend and make them feel like u attack them. Waiting patiently is must, because we only can guess what in their mind, and sometime it was wrong guess. If your friend not send you any message maybe they haven't ready yet to reconcile with you.

So, patient is must. And don't always put too much hope that your friend must perfect as you wish. Just give your sincere in your friendship, but don't always hope you will accept the same as u give, because it will hurt you a lot. Remember, even you are a close friend, but you have different personality with your friend. For example, if you are such caring person, you always love to know hows you friend day by day, but maybe your friend different, feel bother if you did it. You love to tell your friends what you feel, but maybe your friend will tell you only if they really depressed with their problem.

And... the biggest thing.. even you feel can't happy without your friend, but you never could push someone to stay as your friend. So you need to prepare your self that your friend could change someday, maybe your friend would be back to be your close friend still or your friend choose to stay away from you as an ordinary frind.

Make your home a safety place

Have a kids bellow 4 year is adorable. They like to explore anything around them. But they still can't control their self. They don't know yet what they do, sometime put them in danger. As a parent we must take care of them, but it don't mean that you can not do anything except watch over them while playing. We could chose a safe area for them to play while we busy with our activities. but it is difficult when the area have connect with danger place like kitchen.

Sometimes kids run to us when we busy in the kitchen. They don't understand about hot stove or knife. Rather than you will face a serious accident, you can put a child safety gates. So, they can't come to the kitchen. Don't worry about it will make your room ugly, because many baby gate available in many colors and design. So, you can choose that will perfectly go in your decor.

Another thing, if you have other floor in your home, please put stairway gates both in side in your stair. Don't let your kids climb up stair without your companion. Choose the gate that not easy for kids to open it, so you will exactly sure it safe for your family. Be aware if your kids go down stair by their own. Kids could be falling down, because they couldn't move carefully. That's why you neend to put the stairway gates on the top.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Jathilan or kuda kepang

This traditional dance is using “kuda kepang” are bamboo webbing formly like a horse with black or white colour . The dancer mount on “kuda kepang” are portrays prowess horsing soldier with all the action movements.
The dancer put kuda kepang like a soldier ride a horse than he start dance with music come from kendhang, bonang, saron, kempul, slompret and ketipung (all are javanesse music).

Jathilan known as one of the oldest dance in java. This dance also known as "Kuda Kepang" or "Jaran Kepang" There 6 or 8 dancers wear the same uniform will dance as couple.
As addition there will be dancers that use mask as a genderuwo (devil) or barongan (lion). They appear to disturb the soldiers.

Jathilan is popular in east java, central java and Yogjakarta Indonesia. they have their own version. This dance identic with soldiers with their horse on the battle, use swords as weapon. This original version, the dancer will dance without stop until one of them unconscious but still dance. They will eat broken glass without pain or bloody at all or open coconut with their teeth.

Get my favorite TV programs

What do you think with TV programs now days? I bet you will agree with me, only have many bore programs. So whenever I start to sit down and take TV remote, i will change the channel for many times but not find a good programs. That make me upset. I would like to do another thing rather than stay in front of TV. But sometimes I feel really need TV, when I am feeling not well. That's why I try to find Direct TV.

But it looks like not easy to find Direct T V with have a good quality image and sound. I ever have experience that I got TV cable but always loss the sound or no image when the day is rainy, even only a light rain. It was so bad. Looks like our LCD TV was useless because they didn't provide us with a detailed picture. So I ask many of my friends before decide to take on tv cable services, and mostly of them suggest me to try DirectTV which provide high definition format. Also one of my consideration is programming packages that they offer.

Just be a wise costumer, find a better offer with a good quality. Lets check and find out in, sure yo will find out a good offer 256+ channel free including movie channels, really amazing offer. Now, I never get upset when find my favorite programs, no doubt, with a good quality picture and sound too. And if you are fans of NFL, here we are.

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