Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lovely award

I got award from Lyla, my best friend, who inspired me to monetize my blog, thanks a lot :D

The Rules : Name 7 things/person that you love then pass this on to 7 other bloggers.
1. I love my God, Allah SWT
2. I love all off my family
3. I love all my good friends
4. I love my blogs
5. I love to eat outside haha
6. I love to hear music n watching movie
7. I love to have my world full of love with no war and hate, just love love love...

I will pass this award to all my friend who ever post comment in my page, thanks for being you friend.. I love u all..

Friday, March 27, 2009

Direct TV, the best value for money

Today we face a bad recession, so many goods and services rise their price. We must think it wisely to arrange our income. First things to do , you must ready to figure out how to reduce expense. Cell phone, home energy, smaller house and cable tv are item that we can consider for reducing their cost.

I just find out to change cable TV to Direct TV because they offer a better price than cable TV. With cable TV sometimes I must change the package channels to make me straight to my budget. When there is a special SPORT event my husband will order Sport channels and stop my favorite movie channels. We must do that, because if we take both channels will be too expensive. I just felt happy when found, they offer more than 150 channels in affordable price, without activation fees. It sounds nice, isn't it? No need to drop one of our favorite channels.

When we subscribe in cable TV we always worry with quality, every channel in DirectTV is digital quality, you will see the difference from cable TV, incredibly sharp pictures and accurate color. You'll think it's live! One incredible things that u will get, Another great thing about directv’s HD DVR that DirectTV offer is that you can record more than one show at the same time. So no need to be afraid you will missed your favorite channels even in your busy time.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, Putrajaya

Last week there was a special event in Putrajaya, Hot Air Balloon Fiesta Organized by Malaysian Sport Aviation Federation (MSAF) and AKA Balloon Sdn Bhd. There are 25 hot air balloon participated in this event. We just late when we came there on Sunday 11 am but lucky we still catch up the last show.

Located in Precinct 2, Putrajaya adjacent to the ‘Monumen Alaf Baru' so many people came and want to see the show from close place. When we was there there 16 balloons flew together, from Australia, Belgium, Germany,Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand,France

Flying the Hot Air Balloon is dependent on the weather; whereby the wind has to be calm and the sky is clear. The weather forecast in March for Putrajaya is suitable for flying hot air balloons. In Sunday we must wait until 6.50 w hen the wind has blow calm. Thats a nice experience know how to prepare the balloon, using truck cos the balloon quite long and how they fill the gas.

Its beutiful time when saw one by one ballon flew to the sky. Amazing ... share the pic only.. speechless hehehe. Even there is ballon with no box.. oh... cant imagine ride that balloon

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Strategy not to lose your job

There are so many laid off now days because of this recession, so what you can do to make your job still be yours
* Do take credit : let everyone knows what are you doing, you can have a summary what you are doing and submit that to your boss
* Don't ask for rise or promotion, you are still lucky have job now
* do volunteer for extra work : many of your colleagues loss their job, so the ones who still stay need to pick up extra work, try to accept this condition.
* Do arrive early and stay late, it can prove your commitment to your job

* Don't telecommute; avoid to working from home because it makes harder for your boss to know about you
* Don't be eccentric. Throw away your eccentric performance or style, wear not usual clothes or other thing that make you looks eye catching. So if you did something wrong they will recognize you easier.
* Don't be high maintenance just make your boss's job easier not harder
* Do chat up your boss and your boss's boss; it really can make a good relationship with them and your boss will know you well than before
* do stay informed about what happen with your company so you know what you must do to handle a bad situation but don't gossip about your company cause it make your fear will distract you for being productive

Wish all off you can retain your job and still can pay your credit card debt, pay loan and still can afford your live

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Teluk Cempedak n Beserah Beach Kuantan Pahang

It was my bad vacation that I ever had... we end up at the hotel room coz rainy day n not stop, only an hour we got opportunity to see the beach. Lucky we stayed in a nice four star hotel Swiss Garden with affordable price RM 496 for 3D/2N, at least kids still can play in lobby, even Fadia make disaster, broke a lamp there.

Beserah beach is located in East Coast Peninsula 10 km from Kuantan, well known as a fisherman village, , Beserah also houses a batik factory and many cottage handicraft workshops, which produce items mainly of seashells and local plant materials.
Its long white sandy beaches, coupled with are seas offer the most pleasu rable relaxation. But now its still not nice as my first visit last year, coz it still on March ( the time when the North Easterly wind blows from the South China Sea) so i ts too windy in the afternoon, plus rain all day make the beach was full mud, not blue.

The next day still rain too hiks, we tried to visit Teluk cempedak. Teluk cempedak is an excellent beach for sailing, surfing, jet-skiing and sunbathing. B ut not that time coz no sun that day huhuhu.... Souvenir and handicraft shops are all within walking distance. We can jungle-trek through the TC Forest Reserve into idyllic Pelindung beach. This beach quite nice coz we can see the waves hit the rock, not like Beserah, almost all are sandy beach, here some big stone near the jungle make a fantastic view

We had lunch or dinner at the famous Pak Su Seafood restaurant. Food not only delicious but reasonably priced too (you cant get such price in KL well) Just becareful to choose place to eat, coz its look nice outside but arrggghhh so bad inside

Here the hotel we stay... its quite nice place i think with nice breakfast too

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Thanks for being you...friends

I'd love to have many friend, and share many thing. I will share happiness, wish and many thing. But surely when they have a problem I can be an ear to hear all, until them can release their problem, don't worry i never share their secret to another. What I did make a friend laugh a lot, and said "You hear so many problem, you can be crazy someday".

May be u right, but dont worry for now I still can handle it, even sometimes make me feel too worry, even cry for their problem. But I know, sometimes we need someone who we believe to share all problem. And I believe too, if someday i have a problem they will give me support too

In my circle friend I have a friend who face a big problem in his life. He told me that he lucky he have many friends who always support him, and always care about him. No matter how busy life, but true friends always come to comfort him, make him stronger. I really believe the power of friendship.

I have no a big problem (hope i won't)only sometimes get bored with life hahaha. And I am lucky too some friends in their busy time never forget to ask about mel. If I put a strange status on YM or facebook many of them will ask me. Thanks for always stand by me.. friends. Even your busy day, really appreciated.

(special thanks for my friends Molina, Lyla, Bango, Ary, and friend who always calls me "crazy" or the ones call me " lazy and lost girl", who always think me as " a very special friend" you are so sweet even in your bad time, for my friends who never stop traveling but still remember to send me message except no internet connection in the hotel hahaha, ... thanks a lot, even we not talk everyday, but you color my day and make me headache in the same time too)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Love?? care or hurt?

Read Lyla post about "cinta dan sakit hati" I remembered some story about my friends. They told me about how love can hurt them a lot, and from that I knew what it can happen.
Love is a nature feeling, we can't push them to come anytime we want. Even when we meet a handsome or a beautiful one but if love not come,there will be nothing happen. But even we meet just ordinary person, your heart feeling warm inside and get the same chemistry... you are falling in LOVE. The problem will come how to make that love will long lasting

One of a reason why so many relationship fail and why its look great only in the beginning. In the beginning, there are so many caring message, call, smile you will send to your love one. Everyday you will open your mail send her/him a long mail, a sweet mail. Or send SMS just to know hows everything, make a call coz u miss to hear his/her voice.

But what happen after that, after you know he/she have the same feeling, you feel no need to give so much care like before. No intensive mail, sms or calling. Before you spent one-two hours to contact her/him but later 5 -10 minutes still too long for you. Sometimes you don't drop any message, and when your love one ask about that you will told her/him, "Please understand me, I am so busy nowadays, you know about this economic recession. I am under pressure, cant talk with u" Do you know your words can HURT his/her feeling a lot.

Oh Guys what you think, if he or she don't mean to ask so many time from you. As you both are already grown, and know what happen with this world recently, no need to make it as a reason not to contact. Just in case if you have no time...You only need 5 sentence to send to her/him, to prove you are still CARE, example
"Hi, how are u today?
"hope everything is ok with you."
"sorry I am a little bit busy, I'll try to say hi if I have time"
"remember you always be my best, or remember i always miss u"

"take care a lot"

Is that simple? 3 minutes only to send this mail to show that you care. Don't break his/her heart. Just Imagine if she or he tired and then sent this message "hey, how are you today, not hear from you for a long time, busy? Ok I wont bother you anymore. Good luck. Wish you have your happiness always">>> that's mean she or he said goodbye forever to you. You will lose everything after that. IF YOU STILL LOVE HER/HIM give a little care... Because when you said you love someone you must CARE your one not HURT his/her feeling. If you don't, just prepare your heart to lose your love forever.

dedicated for my friends who start to build new relationship and friends who failed with their relationship, just take A CARE as a lesson.. hope everything will be ok.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary n Deerland

Here we spent this weekend, visited Kuala Gandah Elephant Santuary n Deerland.
Kuala Gandah Elephant Conservation Centre, or popularly referred to as the Elephant Orphanage Sanctuary, is located within the bio diversified-rich and protected Krau Game Reserve & was set up in 1989 under the DWNP

Entrance to the sanctuary is free donations are most welcome). Bring a change of clothes be prepared to get wet. Park activities start at about 2.00 p.m. local time.

In this place we can feeding the elephant (its really funny time imagine the elephant touch your hand, and take peanut, warm and cold in the same time hahaha). Beside that we also can see when they have bath time. Enjoy how fun when they have bath, naughty elephant make both the guarn fell down on the water. You can ride the elephant too, but only 120 visitor only, must have a call for reservation if u interested to ride the elephant.

Dont forget to visit deerland about 5 km from elephant sanctuary. We can feeding deer too and see some animal in there, with entrance fee RM 5 for adult, and RM3 for children. In this place my son had fun play with the deer. But look Juragan was afraid while feeding the deer, some deer bite his T shirt too hahaha.

Friday, March 6, 2009

We are closer... mean I hurt you more

Have someone who close with us is really nice. Friends, wife/husband, lover, parents or kids always make our day brighter. Whenever you feel sad you always have someone to share, someone who can lift your burden.

But live close with our beloved one not always perfect one. Just take a look what happen with us. When we were still a young kid, sometimes you felt that your parent treated you bad. Or what happen with our life now, sometimes you hate your mother-in law because you live the same roof with her (hahaha just kidding). Or mostly you have a problem with your spouse, both of you always thinking that ur spouse are selfish, not care and treat you badly.

That's because you have close relationship, living in same roof make you feel closer, but you will face more problem. You will share more time with them in any situation, in your good or bad time. Absolutely it will hard time if you in your bad time, when you got into trouble you will see anything as a wrong thing. It make you easy to get mad, especially with your close one.
I make these kinds of mistakes all the time. I have no intention to hurt anyone, but I do it many times.

So when you feel someone who close to you hurt you just think, you did it too before. It make you easy to release your pain. And maybe in your good time try to give something special to your close one, because in happy time its easier to express your love. I know it well when we get closer I can hurt you more and more.

From this posting i want to apologize to my close ones... start from hubby and
my kids, (here we are never left a day without angry hahaha... I am so sorryy), my brother n Sister, my online friends especially Lyla (everyday we have conversation in net, sorry if i ever do a bad thing), Nara (hey sorry if I make joke too much), Bang Andi ( so sorry if sometimes I am impolite to Bang Andi when chat or drop any comments), Haider (friendship cant be far from laugh, fight and sometimes missunderstanding.. but it will be great if we can pass that time) and all my online friends, sorry if i ever hurt u all.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dim sum ... n dinner ...

Last weekend I had eat a lot. I think I gained 2kgs on a day hahaha. First time, a friend called us to have lunch together in Min max.. a restaurant who served dim sum (of course Halal) and not too expensive, located near Darby Park apartment Kuala Lumpur. This reason couse one of my friend yearn to eat dim sum during her pregnancy... but after went there she lost his appetite.. poor of her, so she only watched us ate a lot

Dim sum with nice taste and nice looking, eat one by one.. so nice...
I share dimsum photos here, want to have it?

This Dimsum more nice coz we have it with friends... ate , ta
lked and laughed. Its agood combination right.

Dim sum lover on pose.... with happy smile ... :)

In the evening, again we have dinner at Mas Yoseph House, with Indonesian food style. Ate again... many food there, love it so much.. plus2 friendly talk with house owner n other friends. Ohhh what a nice day can talk with friend not via internet... happy....
Here were the dinner and picture after dinner

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