Saturday, August 29, 2009

Gastric again :(

It just a week fasting, but I have severe gastric pain already. It is only slight pain during dayligh when i am fasting but after break my fasting it become worse. Even every break my fasting I always take gasric medicine first but it cant help. I am really suffer and make me feel prefer not eat anything at all. Because after eat a little food I want to vomit. I will be in pain until late of night, make me couldn't sleep well.

I dont know what to do with this pain. Sometimes like heart burn and make me hard to breathe too. Even last year I almost got faint when the pain got worst. Doctor told me to have some injection but make me couldn't wake up for a day, but I refused for that because no one could take care my kids. This pain really make me suffer a lot, sometimes its hard even only for stand up. Really don't know what to do whit this gastric symptom, even I didnt eat too much and not eat spicy food also take medicine, it still very painful

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Comfortable and safe choice for your kids

Kids always become our concern, especially if they are still under 2 years. They always like to explore anything around them. They like to grab anything, bite them and sometime throw it. Become our responsibility to give them the right toy. As a baby like to grab toy with eye catching color give them colorful toy but non toxic color. Not only the color but you must sure that all part of the toy safe to bite and it will not hurt or poisoning your kids. You can choose haba toys or jellycat as your choice.

Our kids also like to play much. Do you mention that they need comfortable shirt? When they play they will run, jump, and other activities that will make them sweating too much. Make sure that they comfort with their shirt,so they can move along easily. You can choose 100% cotton shirt like appaman. They have attractive design, both in long sleeve or short sleeve also they have many choice in colors, your kids can choose their favorite one. And the nicest thing for you, it can wash in machine wash.

After so many activities in daylight, you must not forget to take care them when they go to sleep. When the weather become cold prepare a warm blanket for them. Choose a soft one like barefoot dreams , so your kids could smile in their dream. Sleeping under soft and comfortable blanket will give them feeling like touch by the the cloud, so nice.

Personal safety - tips on snatch theft prevention

There is an increase in snatch theft cases in major towns and the areas around us. We wish to highlight some information that may be useful to you and your family.

It is not easy to identify snatch thieves or pick pockets. Each visit to crowded place, each 'accidental' bump from someone, each 'innocent' passer-by is a possible addition to the statistics of such theft. The chances of retrieving your possessions may be slim. The hassle is vast, but the prevention is simple.


· Avoid carrying excess cash and displaying it in public. Bring just enough for your purpose.
· Use a purse or wallet instead of a big bag (sling or hand carry) best kept in a pocket which can be buttoned.
· If you have to use a sling bag, keep it in front of you so that you can keep an eye on it and hold it close. Make sure it is properly fastened or zipped.

· Do not leave your handbags in your shopping basket or trolley.
· Avoid being at over-crowded places or scrambling with others onto a public transport. Check your wallet or handbag immediately if someone jostles or bumps into you.
· Walk on the opposite direction of the road or against the flow of traffic.
· Avoid being alone in the dark, deserted areas or while taking the lift.
· While driving, do not leave your bags at the passenger seat of your vehicle.
· Keep windows and doors locked as soon as you enter your vehicle. Be wary of people around you, especially strangers.

If you are a victim of snatch theft

· Do not struggle or fight back if the perpetrators are after your personal belongings. Your belongings could be replaced but not your life.
· Attract attention by shouting for help.
· Take note of the appearance, race, license plate number, vehicle model, colour, etc.
· If the perpetrators are still at the scene, immediately leave the location for a safer place.
· Subsequently lodge a police report at the nearest police station and inform your bank and credit card company to have your ATM and credit card cancelled.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Housewares that can help me as a homemaker

Live as a homemaker make me feel so tired. I really need housewares that can help me to do my daily activities. Honestly clothes consume more than half of my time. From dirty clothes, I need to wash it properly, but it will be hard if I do it manually. So, I must have a good washing machine to help me, but I want a washing machine that no need to put much water in it.

A big problem for me as home maker happen while iron clothes. I already change 4 times for my iron. First one, it was not hot enough so I got difficulty to ironing my clothes. The second one, it too hot and it burned my clothes. And third one, its perfect in temperature, but it only have spray and not have steam system. I thought I need the perfect steam iron, because my husband's shirt always have stubborn wrinkle, also it must have non stick surface that will last longer.

Other I need vacuum cleaner because my kids always make carpet dirt from any food crap. When find a good vacuum cleaner think about bag or bag less. I ever have a bad experience with bag, my vacuum cleaner burnt after I replaced the bag. So, make sure that u can replace it easily or choose bag less for your safety. The sound also become one of your consideration, if u only have time to clean your house at night, choose the quiet one. For me, noise doesn't matter because I can do my housework when anyone go to office or school. So choose your righ one and be happy as a homemaker

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sugar Shortage... hate it.

Last week I heard from a friend that she couldn't find any sugar on supermarket even on kedai runcit (shop). I thought it must be near ramadhan, many people will consume more sugar. But surprisingly that was not for that reason.

So... what happend???
We face sugar shortage.. is expected to be in short supply worldwide this year because of freak weather. Even most major hypermarket still have sufficiently stocked but they put limited buy 2kg-4kg customer. Oh... it will be drive me crazy.. so what other choice, use brown sugar, Gula melaka, or Gula batu..

Imagine it will be annoying, especially for cake or biscuit maker, it almost Eid Fitri. I couldnt imagine I have tea with less sugar. or have a biscuit with less sugar. Wish the weather will be friendly soon, n bring back sugar to this world

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I win.. uhuyyy (Random Surprise 2)

It has been a long time since the last post, so many things happen in my life, make me lazy to update this blog. Now, I just want to back to write again. I will try to spare my time to write and to visit my blogger friends

One reason why I was lazy to updated this blog, I just addicted with one of playfish game, "Pet society" hahaha. It drive me crazy how to make my Cimoet rich. It consume much of my free time. This games really make addicted, not only to make rich, but how to decor them and join many competition in Pet Society Mania Indonesia.
I think Pet Mania Indonesia make me crazy to play Pet... n now I just receive a message. I won Random surprise from them.. uhuyyyy

Dear members,
Setelah diskusi para admin,akhirnya, kami memutuskan pemenang Random Surprises 2 kali ini adalah:

Level Pemula:
Lina K.Sari (pet: Cimoet)

Level Menengah:
Emmanuelly Keisa Christa Methys (pet: Lebe-Je)

Level Menengah-Atas:
Nama: Siska Nino Abdullah (pet: Moya)

Good luck for other champion.. Go CIMOET go hihihii. Cimoet will get some TWS (furniture), jukebox n new item di luxury n DIY
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