Thursday, February 26, 2009

Why Indonesian people still looks happy?

This morning I heard a news in Bloomberg, its all about the economic become worse and worse. So many people loss their job, especially about DBS that will lay off 99,000 employee. For many countries in Asia they revised their budget about their economic growth.

The news...."Indonesia’s parliament yesterday approved a 73.3 trillion rupiah ($6.1 billion) stimulus package and endorsed the 2009 budget, paving the way for the country to sell as much as $4 billion of dollar-denominated debt to finance a deficit of 139.5 trillion rupiah, or 2.5 percent of gross domestic product..." DEBT AGAIN ... aarrggghhhh

And what make me stop in front of the television was not about the news, but a conversation about Indonesian people. The presenter said that he went to Bali in Valentine's day, he cant believe it, as one of a country who face a bad recession but the people there still can smile a lot, looks happy always, nothing to worry.

They said, Indonesian people are nice person, always smile a lot even they have a bad pressure during recession. They didn't look sad...what do you think??? I think Indonesia never in a good condition since 1998 so nothing different for them or.... on Indonesian mindset "we are still lucky" or "eat or not eat but still can live together with all family" ... (orang jawa bilang ...MASIH UNTUNG atau mangan ora mangan sing penting kumpul) hihihi so they still looks happy.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Saying goodbye..

I did blog walking this weekend, read some post about saying goodbye. What do you think when you say it, have you ever think it will be forever? Let me share my feeling.

Having someone close to your heart, then you must have a part. No more chat, no more spend time together, no more hugs... it will be a hard time to pass. Can you imagine, when we have a difficult matter she always beside and give support, but now you are alone.

Ok.. time pass by, hope you can meet her again in another time. But how if it will be forever? If then she meet another good friend and then you will lose her. Miles have apart you and your close friend, and everything change. You still hope that she always be yours but she don't. Or.... if then something bad happen and make you both can't meet forever. Our life is a secret. We never can guess what will happen tomorrow, we only can make a plan, right but all on hand's God.(I just remember i lost two of my friend, RIP.)

For me... I always afraid to say goodbye with my family, my moms and dad. Both of them, the only one who love me so much and who I love so much too. The only one who always stand behind me in my bad or good time. Only can meet them once or twice a year is really hard.

Most hard time when I must say goodbye in airport, hugged them tight and told, "Good bye..Moms, Dad.. take care your self, be happy always and have a good health." I cried, I never know what will happen with them , when I am far for them. I wish I still have time to meet them again and again. And it will be saying goodbye and see you again.... God, please take care of them both...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Facebook... oh Facebook

Welcome to social networking in the world, Facebook. I think almost all of my friend have an account in there. Its a place for us to put personal online profile; share photos, news and gossip with friends. What makes social networking on the Internet so popular is the power it gives individuals to create, maintain and expand any number of networks to include family, close friends and people who share a similar interest, profession or hobby.

But please concern about it...

There was a study showed that employees spend at least 30 minutes a day visiting these sites with some employees spending up to three hours of their working day taking care of their online profile. How about u friends... haha i think, firsthing that u do after arrive in the office, u will open your facebook account and upadate status, put some comment from friends's photos n status too.

And how about while you are at home, facebook too interesting for you, sometimes when your kids home we still sit down in fornt of the computer, and open our facebook account..stay awake until late too ohhh... One thing especially for me, I left my blog cause of that hahaha..

In smaller organizations, unnecessary browsing, uploading to and downloading of files from social networking sites can eat up bandwidth thus affecting network resources.

Particularly young people — don’t seem to care about privacy or who has their information. This can result in data or identity theft. Becareful when you share something personal in this social network site, especially phone number. If u want your friend know about it, just send itvia message, I think it will be safe.

Sites are attractive to hackers and spammers: Social networking sites are attracting hackers armed with malware of all kinds: spyware, viruses and online scams. Hundreds of applications being developed for these sites are used as launch pads of malware such as Trojans

.... still unresolved problem ....
There is no clear legal principle that defines who “owns” the photos uploaded to a digital photo album, or a comment posted by one user on someone else’s Facebook Wall. If u are professional photographer just take care about that. Anyone can take your picture and use it for anything

What do we do when somebody uses Facebook as a tool to attack another? How do we make sure that our privacy is respected when our personal information is in others’ hands?

Ok.. think all the matter... and happy facebook-ing

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Feeling empty

I feel empty...

Like ..
days without sunshine
night without moon and stars
beach without waves
song without lyrics
flower garden without butterfly

I feel empty...
missed sweet rhymes in my heart
that could make me strong
even anything goes wrong

I feel empty...

(wish I have a sweet dream... can make me happy inside, yeah even only dream)

What Your Baby and Toddler need to grow

Having a baby or toddler make us learn how baby and toddler need to grow. They need not only food to grow, clothing, baby care, toys, safety place or other thing when we want to take them out. Ok, lets check and prepare one by one for our toddler.

The most important thing You must know what you baby need day to day. For baby under 6 months you must breastfeeding your baby. How about if you are not at home, don't worry you can keep your breast milk in refrigerator. Just pumping your own breast milk and keep it. Frozen milk can be use until 3 month. Find a breast pump which you feel comfortable while use it. So pumping will be a great time to you.
To make your baby clean, safe and healthy use baby soap and baby shampoo. If your baby use diapers choose the right diapers, and when your baby get sensitive with diapers red, scaly, maybe even swollen rashes on your baby's beautiful skin, try using baby rash ointment.

One time you want to take your baby going to a vacation, make sure that your baby safe while she seat on the car. Use proper baby car seat seat, that suitable for your baby or toddler. Many car seat design are available from infant until 8 years old kids. Baby car seat is a must, please mind your baby safety.

Baby need to play too, do you know busy baby are happier and healthier baby. As a parent you can choose the right baby toys for your baby. There are many kind of toys from educational toys and games that make your baby happy to learn something new, or give them an outdoor toys so your toddler will enjoy outdoor activities.
And as she is growing, before they go to bed let her hear your voice, tell her about a story. Choose the proper books for your baby and toddler regard from their age. Introduce them to book will make your kids love to read in the future. So give your baby and toddler the best thing in their live.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Award dari Lyla

Giliran dapet award dari Lyla, makasih makasih neng awardnya ya, lumayan biar nambah postingan hihihi... aku copas aja ya soalnya daku tak ada ide sama sekali nih, maklum ngetiknya sambil kelaparan...

Ini dia copas dari postingan Lyla (aku setuju2 aja ya ... hehehe)
I never celebrate valentine’s day because I think love can express everyday not only in that’s date. But maybe some of people celebrate it. But i want to say thanks for my friend who give me award and TAG

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3) Tag all your special friends.
4) Please remember to update your list regularly so that you would not miss out anyone in your Valentine’s Lovers list.

Corner Banner

Instruction to install corner banner (For blogger):

1. Go to ‘Layout’, Click on ‘Add a Gadget’.
2. Select ‘HTML/ Javascript’, insert the html code above in the provided box.
3. Click ‘Save’.

Valentine’s Lovers:

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Make your home safe for your toddler

We all want our children to have a lovely home where they can grow and develop in a safe, secure environment.However, for young children in particular, the house can be a real accident black spot.
Although, there is potential danger everywhere you look inside your home, the four most dangerous areas are the kitchen, bathroom, living room and the stairs. Please take care of your kids, use all the correct material for kid safe.

The kitchen is probably the most dangerous room of the house for small children. However, you can greatly reduce the likelihood of your child coming to harm. Just keep all your utensil and cutlery in cabinet and use child safety lock. Similarly, if your child is able to turn on your cooker, try to use stove guards for child safety

Until you child is old enough to understand the dangers of the bathroom, you should never leave her alone in this room. However, kids will wander off so you must try to make it as safe as possible. For their safety use bathroom safety likes tub safety handle, or toilet lock or tub kushion


Safety gates should be used until your child can comfortably use the stairs. Fit a safety gate at the top and another three steps from the bottom. This will stop your infant or toddler from climbing all the way to the top only to discover that she can't reverse the process.

Living room
The living room is generally a fairly safe room for kids but there are still several possible danger zones. Firstly, many nasty accidents are caused by the sharp corners or coffee tables. So use furniture safety for all the table corner and for flat screen TV locks. And never forget to use electrical safety in all unused electrical outlets. Keep switched plugs in the off position

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sg Gabai Waterfall

Ternyata fesbukan ada gunanya... begitu ngisi status mau ke waterfall langsung deh ada yg respon mo ikutan hihih. Alhasil ini kali kedua setelah pantai Morib..kami (keluargaku n keluarga Mas Yoseph main bareng... asikkk, emang lebih seru main bareng.

Sg Gabai waterfall ini tidak jauh dari KL, masih di seputaran Selangor, di daerah Hulu langat tepatnya. Waterfal ini lumayan panjang dan bertingkat. Dan tangganya emang tinggi..... tapi tak setinggi gua tempurung hehehe. Sebagai salah satu kawasan wisata di Malaysia yang dikelola pemerintah, seperti biasa .... GRATIS cuma bayar parkir RM 2 murah kan... dan kawasannya cukup bersih dan tertata rapi

Air terjun yang terbagi tiga tingkat ini, hanya tingkat 2 saja yang cukup sepi, karena turunnya agak2 curam dan tidak ada area landai yg luas seperti di tingkat pertama dan ketiga. Tapi memang di tingkat dua ini cukup cantik. Cuma licin banget euy.... Tangga yg menghubungkan antar tingkat jg cukup tinggi, lumayan buat olah raga hehehe

Selama di Air terjun aku sempat terpeleset 3 kali, naufal 1 kali, Fadia 1 kali, nah yang parah juragan, terpeleset satu kali tapi ampun berosot dari atas sampai b awah, sampai blitz kamera patah. Untung aja gak apa2 juragannya. Begitu juga mas Yoseph, kare na dimintaiin tolong ibu2 manggilin suaminya yg bersemadi di bawah air terjun, terpeleset jug a masuk air.... wah bener2 harus punya keseimbangan tingkat tinggi hihihi.

Hmm... satu yang aku impikan dari Indonesia tentang sebuah tempat wisata, seperti Malaysia
1. Gratissssss
2. harga makanan ga naik walo di tempat wisata
3. Bersih.. baik lokasi atau toilet
4. Musola ada mukena yg bersih pula
5. Well maintained .... terurus begitu walopun gratis :)

How to decorate your sweet home?

Do you want to redecorate your home? First thing, do you must consider want you want to do with your home, choose the right furniture and absolutely in your budget. Remember, a home will be your place to relax, release your burden outside, and you must feel comfortable to spend your leisure time there.

Lets check it out, go to your bedroom, that's the best place you always want to relax. Have you feel that? Not yet? Why? Oh maybe its quite mess there and the furniture looks not great. Let me tell you, choose the best quality furniture, for example high quality designer modern furniture from Italy, Germany, Spain and Belgium, with 100% authenticity guarantee. They have various design, simple but very modern. you will feel like stay in 5 star hotel and have a sweet dreams.

Then check it out your living room, live in apartment like us mostly we spent time for relax with friends, family in our living room. Make them comfort while they talk, having some tea or just watching TV. Choose the high quality designer modern furniture from Italy, Germany, Spain and Belgium. You will see that all are elegant, so beautiful and absolutely very comfort. And then complete your living room with entertainment centers that will make your living room very modern, chic and I guarantee that living room will be the best place do you want to spend your time.

Ok what do you wait now? Don't worry about your budget, you can get high quality designer modern furniture from Europe easily. Financing are available there.
So, let choose the best design, and put it in your home. Now, time to enjoy your quality of life with all of your family and friends

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Pantai Morib

Libur memang numpuk di bulan Januari n Februari ini, rasanya sayang kalo gak main, bosan juga cuma nguplek di KL. Cuma karena sedang mengencangkan ikat pinggang liburan yang menumpuk ini gak pake acara jalan2 nginep, jalan2 yg deket bisa go show... Tapi tentunya bisa tetep happy2 ya...

Jalan2 kali ini spesial (pake telor kalee) karena barengan ma keluarga dari Indonesia, sekampung halaman, sesekolah SMP n SMA hihii lengkap yah. Seru habis karena sambil main sambil bergosip masa2 SMA, bergosip kampung halaman... becanda abis wis pokonya serasa di masa muda dulu

Pantai Morib ini terletak di Sepang, pantainya relatif sepi dan banyak pohonserta duh monyetnya buanyakkkk.... keknya monyet yang menghuni sama penggunjungnya banyakan monyetnya hihii. Dan yang jelas bersih (sebelum monyet ngacak2 sampah pengunjung) dan GRATISSS..... ahhh mendambakan ada tempat gratis nan sejuk n nyaman di Indonesia (ada gak ya...)
Dan di pantai ini sunset terlihat sangat jelas n cantikkkk, makan2 habis di pantai mantabbbbb n murah pula nyummmm

Have fun in a social network site

Nowadays we have so many needs in life. We can not life without any gadget like cell phone, note book or sometimes we want to have a relax time and want to go to an interesting places or just go to the movies, read books or magazine.
But we have no information about what we need. Don't u think it will be enjoyable if we can get all information we need in one social network site?

When you buy new camera and you have a question about this product, you can just go to this social network site and you get the answer. Or you are in holiday now, but you don't know where the best destination, where a good accommodation is, so open this social network and find place of interest or hotel on that. It is really nice isn't it?

Maybe you have something interesting that you want to share, you feel satisfy while have dinner with your family and then you want to tell about it to all your friend. You just put all information about food and restaurant to this social network site and all people around the world would read your posting and can enjoy the great dinner like u did.

Want to know the hot trend before you decide to buy something? Visit this social network site and you will find what you need or just have some discussion about a product in this site.
So, do yo agree with me, if we need this social network site, we just click in one site, we won't spend too much time to get all information you need. All in one there. Lets look and find out how fun it is. Don't waste your time to search and open so many site, have more fun in this social network site
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