Sunday, April 12, 2009

Passionate Blogger Award to Amina

I got Passionate blogger award from Windy and want to share this award to Amina of Its My Life. I just met her because we use entrecard to have blog walking around blog world. She was blogging since February 2009

I just happy met her, because she ever lived in Malaysia and sometimes she say hi with Bahasa Melayu. Even malaysia is not our country origin, but its nice, at least I met a friend who ever live here as a foreigner, hope someday she will share her experience to live here

Amina same with me, stay at home mom, have 3 handsome son. As her habits from teenager who loved to write her daily activities in a diary and keep it in a locked drawer so nobody can read it. And now he reviving her habit and wrote all her thought
in a blog and share it with everyone in the world.

Hope you can enjoy this blogging time and keep write Amina (don't ever worry about your English :) I have the same problem with you, hope English become my mother language, so just write your anything you like) and wish you joy and happiness in your life always. Take care

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