Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fashion Week at Mid Valley and Garden

Fashion Week in Mid Valley and Garden, good news and bad news for me, when I heard about it yesterday. The good news there are 20% discount in many famous product sounds great to renew my collection, but the bad news our weekend will be stuck only in Mid Valley from morning to evening, kyaaaaa, yups My JURAGAN will stick with his camera, hunting photos.

Finally today, Saturday, since 11.30 we came to Mid Valley. Yups sounds great collection. Hope i can have one of their collection LOL. But it was soo tired, stand up to see 4 season fashion show, 3 in Mid valley and 1 in Garden. Mid Valley have more huge stage than Garden, but models in Garden looks more beautiful and handsome, haha. So both of them have a good point for Photographers

Today I saw collection from PDI, Padini, Padini authentic and Robinson. Padini Authentic show make me surprise, show girl only in underwear even only in on top. I just imagine if the show in my country, there will be many protest coz this s how open for public. Even the model is western girl but I feel... ( I cant explain it .. :))

But saw Fashion Show make me realize that how fat I am know huhuhu, wish.. wish... wish I have flat tummy like them. Especially when I went to store and looked for the clothes that I really like, when one models wore it in the stage,.. OMG its looks not nice. Hiks-hiks .. but I still want too looking for another collection, 20% off for new collection, still value for money :) SHOPPING TIME ....
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