Sunday, February 14, 2010

Could Time help me?

Could time explain this?
Why I couldn't throw this feeling
The sorrow still shadow my life
why I can't throw the hope that weren't be mine

Could time make me understand?
That life hide many mystery
found some precious thing
but then I must lost it and broke this heart in to pieces

Could time make me forget?
When I believe something
But then I realize thats all is absurd
I was flying too high, and make it hurt when it bump to the earth

Could time heal my pain?
When no one could help me out of it
when no one care about it
And this pain become one with my breathe

What time could do for me?
Day by day left, months changes, another year come
This memory still here and made a pain when I try to move on
When I couldn't stop hoping something that never be mine
The time could help me...
To make me stronger to handle this pain day by day
To make me understand, happiness and sadness are a bundle
and make me learn, an offer even with smile and kindness could be end on disappointment
and the biggest thing....too much hope will kill me

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