Thursday, March 11, 2010

You Just Perfect for Me

In our life, we never stop to find something that we think perfect. Sometimes we feel we find something that good enough for us but when the time passed by we finally find their weakness. When we feel disappointed and feel can't accept it, then we try to find a new one.

It happen in anything, not just a thing, but maybe in friendship. We meet someone that we can talk a lot for long and feel happy when talking with her/him. But as time passed by, we find it that she/he have many that will make us think that she/he is not the perfect one.

For example; after a long talk with her/him we realize that even she/he is someone we feel comfort to talk with, but she or he not good enough in appearance. You feel shy when you go out together with her. So you think better you find out the one that we could comfortable to talk with also have a good appearance as well. Yeah, nothing wrong with that, but do you ever think, you must be gamble with your luck to find that, it would be take times to find it, and the result still questionable. And while you try to find the new one you ignore what you have right now. Maybe he/she have a wide heart, they always forgive you when u abandoned him/her, but don't you think you have scratch their heart anyway?

Or maybe, you have a sweet friend, not only handsome or beautiful but really good friend. She always care for you, maybe too care, sending you many message. First of all you just feel happy for her/his care, but then you realize that it so annoying receive message anytime. You feel like she/he bother you a lot. Then you start to think find another friend that care enough but not bother you indeed.

We are human that never satisfy with anything. But never you just sit down thinking about it carefully

You Just perfect for me
Never think about other talk about your appearance
because they never know that you could make me laugh when I am in tears
They also never know that you never leave me feel lonely with your friendly message
And she/he always happy to share anything with me even I already lose from her/his world for so long
They never know that even I felt I have make her/him disappointed but they still say 'dont worry about that, I am always happy when talk to you, that's enough for me'

You just perfect for Me
even though I feel you habit so annoying, but I just realize that's the way to show you care
I never have it from anyone such form as caring,
I only could try hard to understand that you do that coz you think I deserve for that

You just perfect for me
because you are my friend
you just perfect for me
because I know you put your warm heart in our friendship
You just perfect for me
Coz I knew U also could accept my weakness
You just perfect for me
Because we both not perfect but try to accept it in anyway

write this when I felt I am not prefect but I always feel you just perfect, hope anyone who know me accept my weakness

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