Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What will happen tomorrow?

Sometimes, so many thoughts come in to my mind. When no one around me, and only stay in front of the monitor. I thought how happy I am always have friends who I could share, so I can share any happy or sad feeling. While life wasn't so friendly as before, friends also trapped in the condition to survive. No more time to talk or share. Day by days when the day begin, I always open my net and hoping some friends say hi, and then sometimes i haven't got any hi in many days. feeling so lonely and so bad.

I decided to change my life. I don't want fall in to deep sadness anymore. I learn about what I need to jump into capital market. Little by little, join mailing list, read many news. Now here I am. Spending my time from 9.30 am- 04.00 pm to see whats going on in Indonesia Stock Exchange. Put some choice to buy or sell. It wasn't good at the first, even on bullish market. But now, i learn how to get bullish market help. Even not as good as other, finally I got 7% from my portfolio on 3 weeks (include a week holiday).

So, now i am here. Even it doesn't mean it could erase my loneliness, but at least I have something others to make my mind full. I would try built it as my happiness, even I still miss my real social life, a real friend who can i share with, but i know.... we never got all what we want.
What will happen tomorrow??
I will never know what tomorrow will bring in my life, I only hope to be much stronger than before. With or without someone support, I still could smile, can accept all things that not work as what i want. I could understand hows life flow, hows hard life make friends hard to keep in touch, and how to manage the loneliness in a positive way.

SO what i wait everyday change now...
NEWS.. what market will bring tomorrow? Because that the only thing that I know I will get it everyday. GO GREEN market ... help me
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