Friday, September 24, 2010

From the window

From the window
I see the day change
Night with moonlight
Morning with bright sunshine
sometimes see the rain drop so hard
with thunder break the sky

From the window
I see you are busy with your day
passing the time with working hard
Sometimes I hope you will stop and look at me
waving your hand to say hello
giving away a nice smile

But I think you are just too busy
Even you don't know someone looking at you from the window
You just work and work

From the window
I could hear the rhyme of your laugh
I could feel how you enjoy your day
It is like a happy song in the sunny day

I know I wouldn't be the part of the show
I just one of the audience who support you
the one who happy when the actor find the happiness
and the one will in tears when the actor broke
but... all is fine for me

From the window
I see you move
I see you dance
I see you sing
I see you smile
I am happy
I hope ...
I won't ever see your sadness

(cuma pengen nulis ngaco gara2 bursa jelek berhari-hari... waiting for monday, hope will be green)
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