Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hide sadness upon a smile

Many people doing this, hiding their sadness upon their smile, act cool like nothing happen and laugh with other friends. Just pretend you are OK even your heart bleeding. Do you have reason to do that?

Some of them do that because they don't want anyone know their problem. They don't want anyone involve into their problem. They think they can solve it by their own. If anyone know their problem will make the problem bigger and bigger.

Anyone choose laugh in their tears because they don't want show they are weak. And just convince another that they are strong. Even they are crying when they are alone, or will happy can walk on the rain. Honestly I am one of them.

Do you think they really hide their tears. Because I one of them... I said no. In my opinion, they want to be more care from around. Because they will choose to close them self to anyone who don't know them well. The person who act like that more sensitive, and their emotion was soft. They can hide their feeling very carefully thats why no one realize about that. They will keep quiet also if you hurt their feeling, and still give you a nice smile and treat you well.

For who always hide your tears...we know thats its hard to show a fake smile in our face. Sitting alone and crying most all that we always do. Sometimes we need to release our burden. But I know too not many friend we can trust to share. And will harder when people we love never understanding us, sometimes they hurt us more than anyone else.
Try to find a way to release your burden or it will make a bad impact in your mental health. You can choose your way to release your burden as write your sadness, doing something challenging that can make you forget your sadness. We know... for the people like us, it's easy to forgive someone hurt us rather than hate or blame them for our happiness. But don't stop to try have your real smile.. anytime
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