Friday, November 6, 2009

Could You Hold your Promise?

Have you ever feel disappointed when someone not hold her/his promise. I thought all of you ever have this experience, being so sad, so hurt very disappointed when someone not hold their promise. Nowadays, people too easy to make promise, but I think they are also too easy not hold their promise. Hurting other feeling seems to be accepted and not feel bother anymore, if you are the one who make a promise and you do not do as your promise. But hows your feeling if you are the one who become victim of other promise.

Let me give some example, you come to an investment broker,or insurance agent. You put some money in there, and they promise you that you have a high return and in their hand you will not have too much loss. Then months after that you realize that your investment amount reduce significantly, you must be very disappointed. They convince you with their promise to make you believe something, they hope they can get gain from you. But they never told you, they can't hold their promise forever, many things can affect their promise. So, what you think? Seller promise, trader promise.... you must gather information to make sure they not give you fake promise

How about personal promise, sometimes you feel easy to make promise with your friend, for example, you promise to your friend, they can ask your help anytime you need. But whenever they ask you, you just find any reason to run away from your promise. Or someday you meet a new friend, you talk a lot with them, and starting get closer. Then you have promise to your friend that you will be her friend forever, will be beside in happy or sad time, will support each other and promise that your friendship bonding will be bigger and bigger. But then your feeling start changes, even tough your friend still give you the same attention, but you feel it is not special anymore, and start have feeling that your friend bother you instead of make you happy. Could you brave enough to tell your friend honestly? Or you just run away from your promise let your friend feel hurt from you and then give up?

We know, sometime we couldn't hold our promise. But think it carefully, maybe just be honest to someone whom you promise with. its better than let them hurt because you can't hold promise. Think it if it happen in yours. I thought you will choose to know what happen exactly soon and get bad shocked rather than you wait too long to know what happen, just guessing, thinking, hurt, feel sad, bad for a long time. Don't ever think that if you not talk honestly soon, time will make your friend ready to get bad news. Believe me it will hurt them more if they spent time so long for waiting. SO could you be honest if you couldn't hold your promise? Because promise is made by you, n its your responsibility to make it happen or stop it.
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