Thursday, November 19, 2009

Vending machine for your business

Nowadays, many people open their own business. If you walk along in shop area you will find many shop that prepare service like salon, kids station, mini shop or other small business. As a business owner do you ever think to add your revenue by add some vending machines in your place?

Let me give an example, you own your salon. You have many customer who come to your place and buy your service. Sometimes customer need to wait for a few minutes to get your service. Don't you think they need something while waiting? For example they would like to have some candies, or some drink. Just imagine if you put a candy machines it will give you some profit. especially if your costumer bring their kids with them. Since kids like candy so much, they will ask their parent to buy them some candies. It will bring more advantage too you, not only you get profit from selling candies from candy machine, but also it will make your costumer can wait longer because their kids enjoy in there.

Another example. if you open a kids play area, you will have many kids customer in there. Do you know what they like most? Yes you right, they like toy. How if you put toy machine in your place? I think both parents and kids will be happy for that. Whenever they finish play in your place, they will ask their parent to buy toys to bring home. As we know, toys always expensive, put toy machines will really help them. Because the toys in toys machine have affordable price, and we know kids will happy for that. So it's a great way to make your customer happy.

Let's consider about that, find the suitable vending machines for your place. It will make your customer more satisfy also it give you more profit in your business.

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