Friday, July 11, 2008


Friends tell you their secrets
Friends are meant to share
Friends are meant to cheer me up,
What happens when they’re not there?

Is it hard when I don’t have
Someone to lean upon?
When I need a friend to care,

What would I do?
If we have bad argue
An my friend told that he/she couldn't understand me anymore
Told that I was weird and didn't want to be my friend
Just said goodbye and gone forever from my live

Should I beg her/him to stay..
Asked them to remember
when I was there with her/him,
remembering time when smile and laughter together?

Or just let them go..
not going to try to explain what happened,
He/she won't listen to anything I have to say
Keep my broken heart alone, let time will cure it anyway
and just hope this friendship still lives on in his/her memory.

And what about if she/he started
Saying things bad behind your back
Should I stand and face them,
Gave a lot of forgiveness and forgot it like nothing happened

Or... I had to leave them,
they didn't treat me right.
they said friend but they lied
Always give me a hurt and made scar in my heart

Now, I begin knowing well.
What is a really friendship?
Always ready to lose it somehow
Wish my lost friend well always..
I'll try to keep our good memories and throw bad memories of you

(dedicated to my lost friend and all of my friend who lost their friend... )

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