Monday, August 24, 2009

Housewares that can help me as a homemaker

Live as a homemaker make me feel so tired. I really need housewares that can help me to do my daily activities. Honestly clothes consume more than half of my time. From dirty clothes, I need to wash it properly, but it will be hard if I do it manually. So, I must have a good washing machine to help me, but I want a washing machine that no need to put much water in it.

A big problem for me as home maker happen while iron clothes. I already change 4 times for my iron. First one, it was not hot enough so I got difficulty to ironing my clothes. The second one, it too hot and it burned my clothes. And third one, its perfect in temperature, but it only have spray and not have steam system. I thought I need the perfect steam iron, because my husband's shirt always have stubborn wrinkle, also it must have non stick surface that will last longer.

Other I need vacuum cleaner because my kids always make carpet dirt from any food crap. When find a good vacuum cleaner think about bag or bag less. I ever have a bad experience with bag, my vacuum cleaner burnt after I replaced the bag. So, make sure that u can replace it easily or choose bag less for your safety. The sound also become one of your consideration, if u only have time to clean your house at night, choose the quiet one. For me, noise doesn't matter because I can do my housework when anyone go to office or school. So choose your righ one and be happy as a homemaker
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