Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sugar Shortage... hate it.

Last week I heard from a friend that she couldn't find any sugar on supermarket even on kedai runcit (shop). I thought it must be near ramadhan, many people will consume more sugar. But surprisingly that was not for that reason.

So... what happend???
We face sugar shortage.. is expected to be in short supply worldwide this year because of freak weather. Even most major hypermarket still have sufficiently stocked but they put limited buy 2kg-4kg customer. Oh... it will be drive me crazy.. so what other choice, use brown sugar, Gula melaka, or Gula batu..

Imagine it will be annoying, especially for cake or biscuit maker, it almost Eid Fitri. I couldnt imagine I have tea with less sugar. or have a biscuit with less sugar. Wish the weather will be friendly soon, n bring back sugar to this world

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