Saturday, August 29, 2009

Gastric again :(

It just a week fasting, but I have severe gastric pain already. It is only slight pain during dayligh when i am fasting but after break my fasting it become worse. Even every break my fasting I always take gasric medicine first but it cant help. I am really suffer and make me feel prefer not eat anything at all. Because after eat a little food I want to vomit. I will be in pain until late of night, make me couldn't sleep well.

I dont know what to do with this pain. Sometimes like heart burn and make me hard to breathe too. Even last year I almost got faint when the pain got worst. Doctor told me to have some injection but make me couldn't wake up for a day, but I refused for that because no one could take care my kids. This pain really make me suffer a lot, sometimes its hard even only for stand up. Really don't know what to do whit this gastric symptom, even I didnt eat too much and not eat spicy food also take medicine, it still very painful
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