Thursday, August 13, 2009

I win.. uhuyyy (Random Surprise 2)

It has been a long time since the last post, so many things happen in my life, make me lazy to update this blog. Now, I just want to back to write again. I will try to spare my time to write and to visit my blogger friends

One reason why I was lazy to updated this blog, I just addicted with one of playfish game, "Pet society" hahaha. It drive me crazy how to make my Cimoet rich. It consume much of my free time. This games really make addicted, not only to make rich, but how to decor them and join many competition in Pet Society Mania Indonesia.
I think Pet Mania Indonesia make me crazy to play Pet... n now I just receive a message. I won Random surprise from them.. uhuyyyy

Dear members,
Setelah diskusi para admin,akhirnya, kami memutuskan pemenang Random Surprises 2 kali ini adalah:

Level Pemula:
Lina K.Sari (pet: Cimoet)

Level Menengah:
Emmanuelly Keisa Christa Methys (pet: Lebe-Je)

Level Menengah-Atas:
Nama: Siska Nino Abdullah (pet: Moya)

Good luck for other champion.. Go CIMOET go hihihii. Cimoet will get some TWS (furniture), jukebox n new item di luxury n DIY
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