Sunday, March 14, 2010

Let your heart behind

Sometimes life using heart just annoyed for some people. Changing mood so easily from happy too sad. When we couldn't get what you want to have, will make us desperate so badly. If it happen we could guess, our day start ruin in every way. We couldn't do anything well, because did it only with half of our heart.

Some people get this ruin heart when they find only one side love, or feeling abandon, no one care. It throw them in loneliness. This kind of feeling really distract our life a lot. And one time they couldn't control their feeling, darkness life will be with them. It feels like no sun shine anymore.

So what we must do? I just share my experience even it not always suitable for anyone. I always feel like that since I was teenager, dont ask me why ;). That time I only keep all pain, make my brain busy and write all thing to release your burden. If you have a friend you could trust, just share with them, but we know it always hard to find a friend both we can trust and not judging. Same as me even I have many friend, but really no one knew me fully. Because I don't dare to tell about what happen in my self completely with one friend even I feel desperate too much.

Sometime this heart problem come from our relationship with others. Please be brave to speak frankly, I know sometimes it wont give a good result for us, but at least it make some burden in your heart lift. Don't forget to ask an apologize and let your friend knew, you need it to cure your heart. By talking with people we have heart problem with, it will help you if u have a negative thinking, or could stop your day dreaming.

About feeling abandon also lack of care, just don't ask too much, if you not get what you need, just accept it. We know, nothing can change this situation faster if it already happen years, if you could face it in years before, think it that u will be fine in your years ahead. Thats true, it will make us unhappy sometimes, thats why I will tell you, LET YOUR HEART BEHIND if its all about yourself, try to make your brain busy to think, you make many physically activity in your days rather than your feeling. I know, its really empty, but it will help you not ruin your life. Even our life couldn't say as a happy life, but at least it won't make u drown into sadness, and won't make your life worse day by day.

write it when I thought I must back to my life as before... busy to think dont bother with love or care, so I could move on
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