Thursday, March 25, 2010

Too tired for breathing.... could I stop?

This sky was dark grey,
thunder storm came too much,
rain also never stop
the sun dont want to show up their bright

It was cold here
it was so dark too,
the body cant stop tremble
while the heart freeze
these hand couldnt grasp anything
even only to make it warm a little

But who care about that weak body
she is nothing, not an important people
she just standing alone in the dark
no one care about her pain or her hurt
no one will give her a hug to make her feel not alone

her pale face try to smile
for everyone who pass over her
they give her smile too... but no more than that
She just have a day dreaming that someday,
she could find someone who will care about her
who will understand and accompany her
wrapping her wound and make her smile
and think she is important
but its only her dream dreaming

She is shaking on her crying now...
Desperate for something that unspoken
she is mumbling something unclear
"Too tired for breathing.... could I stop?"
but she know the answer.... "who care u stop or continue? you are nothing."

Life will never so easy when no one care, life for only satisfy other need, but nothing if its about u.... so why must continue breathing if breathing will scratch the heart more and more?
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