Wednesday, March 17, 2010

When Life is So Hard

Have you ever feel this way? Life is so hard for u? Like we find no way to run or just to continue your way? When your smile in your lips not come deeply from your heart? When happy feeling is the most expensive thing that you ever had?

Yes, for some people, happiness is difficult to get, they have it only in short term period in their life, and mostly of their life full of fighting, like never ending fight without a good result. Problems come like rain drops, make our body wet, even when it start to dry, the rain comes again and again. No wonder, some of them have different reaction how to handle their problem. Some people could bare it because they have it every time in their life, and problem that comes by even make them stronger, but otherwise other people drown into depression.

People need help when they were in problem. But not always they have what they need. When they need a hug, they only have pillow in their bed to hug, when they need a shoulder to cry on, they only find a hidden side on one room to cry, when they need a hand that can hold them tight to make them not slip, they only find an old rope that even will be broken when they try to hold in. Finding no one who care in life make it worse. Not many people could afford for being so lonely in life. Even they try to give all their support to around when other need it, but other not give it back. Life will feel so pity.

Someone that you believe you can trust and share than leave you alone. You understand, thats all matter about time and changing preferences. Never ever you hope someone to stay forever beside you in your good time or bad time. Even for you they already occupied some place in your heart, feeling so close, being blind with whatever they did to you, only remember his/her kindness only. Waiting him/her just like a fool, when You hope some miracle come and hoping they could understand what really you are. You trying to make she/he know that your feeling even nothing as long as they do not leave you alone. Thats situation make your world harder than before.

Unstoppable learning in life, your acceptance in every problem you face it, make your problem as your friend will not change your life become so easy. But it really help you to move on. Sadness isn't the crime, but when you always hold your sadness you wouldnt see in if happiness almost come to your life. Being alone is not the end of the world, just remember if you ever struggle in your life alone and still alive, so u could understand being alone won't kill you. Miracle may be come to your life, when she/he finally know your pure of your heart, but believe it, miracle is rare to happen, so never hope it too much.

Happiness is all that people want in their life, but if it dont come in your life just dont expect too much, because it could hurt you too. Just make whatever that come to your life right know as your friend, try to dancing with them, in hurt, in pain, in sad, in loneliness, because you know it, it won't kill you anyway.
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