Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I have no power to change...

If I have power to change my world
I want you always comfort with me
Trust me in anything, more than anyone you know
I always want you smile when you remember me
Hoping all things never change even time pass by...

But sure I have no power to change my world
I only can see you run find your way
Pass a day by day...
Meet someone that make you comfort, more than I did
Even I didn't hear your story
But I could guess it, as I can feel it

You are son's of the earth
Have full freedom to choose your way
I have no power to change you as what I want
I have no right for that too

So, the only thing I can do
I give my sincerity for you
whenever you feel no one beside you
You know you can find me

You are son's of earth
I know.. you will always fine
strong enough to find anything you want
Your desire, your happiness

Sometimes I just afraid of being lonely
but sure I understand... life is a cycle
like the watch, sometimes both stick closely but sometimes apart
never can be together always

Someday maybe u will see me sitting in the corner and read a book
but, u dont know, I am watching you behind my glasses
Just make sure everything ok with you
even you never did it for me

Don't worry, I am mother of earth
always could give you smile and try to comfort you if you needed
and you dont need to do the same
This is my real world, I have no power to change it
as long as I see a happiness in you
I will be OK
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