Saturday, May 22, 2010

Thank you for show me this pain

Thank you..
For show me the real life
that aren't always only happy side
so many thing happen in life
and those ended with tears more than laugh

Thank you for show me the part of the hardest
That I must survive in pain
That I must walk by my own, alone
That I must not hope anyone to help me

Thank you for show me a little smile
sometime I believe it could be only dream
because it look like happen in a few minutes rather than hours in a day

Thank you for make me learn
Never trust anyone even my self
when you show me, there always something you hide from me
If I know about it it will make I break into pieces
so better for you to just pretend to be nice
Even you never know... It more painful for me when know it by myself

Thank you for show me this pain
and make me walk with many wound in mine
walk by my own alone
and never trust anybody anymore
In this world when people just pretending to be kind

I'm here still breathing
Try to stand up and walk and pretend anything ok
I could hiding all hurts and smile
... thank you for show me this pain....
I will make the pain as my friend in life
no matter how many u scratched it everyday
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