Saturday, May 8, 2010

My four walls

Today I feel comfort again
with my four walls
Will stop wanting something I don't have

Walls... dont make me feel so hot in the daylight
dont make me feel so cold in the late night
Please accompany me in whatever I do, everyday

Lately, I wish something too much
when I desperately feel lonely
but then I know, wishing too much only will hurt me more

For all friends
Even not always keep in touch
but knowing that u still remember me here
make me feel so happy

Thanks a lot for everything
I won't ask more
Only when you need a friend and u find nobody
remember me.. I will accompany you whenever u need it
I will give you my care if you want it

Now... I think everyone still feel good,
No need me beside..
so walls.. please be with me, I will share stories with u
I know... u always hear me :)
We have been together for more than 3 years
heard me when I told u happy stories and sad stories
Know what I feel always, laugh or cry
My four walls...
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