Monday, May 31, 2010

Only Hope... someday this world will give me smile

Everyone has a hope to have a happy life. Therefore, life would never be so easy. Some dream we really want so much just end as a hope only. We never know when it will become a real, or maybe it wont come forever. We just try our best but only God will drift us to our destiny.

Sometimes, I remember my past, when I was in college. I had a big bear doll to accompany me, when I need a hug and place to share I talked to the doll. Yeah, indeed i have a few good friends, but sometimes we cant share all the thing to them and prefer to keep it by ourself. That time I hoped, someday I would meet someone who I could share all about me and someone who could give me a tight hug when I need.

But... today I really missed my doll very much and the feeling when I hug it with all hope in my future. I was lucky in my life, no one who close to me could give me hug when I need. No one could wipe my tear and I could share about all my worried. Yeah its only left as hope. I hope too much, like a fairy tale.

many times I always told myself not to hope too much. Life weren't a novel or a movie story. Many hard times that we need to keep by our own, even you can't share with your best friends. Try to accept many thing only left as our hope.. our sweet dream, that couldn't be happen in our life forever.

Life so hard.. but let other know we were OK even we cry behind. Only hope... someday this world will give me smile even i know it were impossible.

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