Saturday, February 14, 2009

Make your home safe for your toddler

We all want our children to have a lovely home where they can grow and develop in a safe, secure environment.However, for young children in particular, the house can be a real accident black spot.
Although, there is potential danger everywhere you look inside your home, the four most dangerous areas are the kitchen, bathroom, living room and the stairs. Please take care of your kids, use all the correct material for kid safe.

The kitchen is probably the most dangerous room of the house for small children. However, you can greatly reduce the likelihood of your child coming to harm. Just keep all your utensil and cutlery in cabinet and use child safety lock. Similarly, if your child is able to turn on your cooker, try to use stove guards for child safety

Until you child is old enough to understand the dangers of the bathroom, you should never leave her alone in this room. However, kids will wander off so you must try to make it as safe as possible. For their safety use bathroom safety likes tub safety handle, or toilet lock or tub kushion


Safety gates should be used until your child can comfortably use the stairs. Fit a safety gate at the top and another three steps from the bottom. This will stop your infant or toddler from climbing all the way to the top only to discover that she can't reverse the process.

Living room
The living room is generally a fairly safe room for kids but there are still several possible danger zones. Firstly, many nasty accidents are caused by the sharp corners or coffee tables. So use furniture safety for all the table corner and for flat screen TV locks. And never forget to use electrical safety in all unused electrical outlets. Keep switched plugs in the off position
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