Monday, February 23, 2009

Saying goodbye..

I did blog walking this weekend, read some post about saying goodbye. What do you think when you say it, have you ever think it will be forever? Let me share my feeling.

Having someone close to your heart, then you must have a part. No more chat, no more spend time together, no more hugs... it will be a hard time to pass. Can you imagine, when we have a difficult matter she always beside and give support, but now you are alone.

Ok.. time pass by, hope you can meet her again in another time. But how if it will be forever? If then she meet another good friend and then you will lose her. Miles have apart you and your close friend, and everything change. You still hope that she always be yours but she don't. Or.... if then something bad happen and make you both can't meet forever. Our life is a secret. We never can guess what will happen tomorrow, we only can make a plan, right but all on hand's God.(I just remember i lost two of my friend, RIP.)

For me... I always afraid to say goodbye with my family, my moms and dad. Both of them, the only one who love me so much and who I love so much too. The only one who always stand behind me in my bad or good time. Only can meet them once or twice a year is really hard.

Most hard time when I must say goodbye in airport, hugged them tight and told, "Good bye..Moms, Dad.. take care your self, be happy always and have a good health." I cried, I never know what will happen with them , when I am far for them. I wish I still have time to meet them again and again. And it will be saying goodbye and see you again.... God, please take care of them both...
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