Thursday, February 26, 2009

Why Indonesian people still looks happy?

This morning I heard a news in Bloomberg, its all about the economic become worse and worse. So many people loss their job, especially about DBS that will lay off 99,000 employee. For many countries in Asia they revised their budget about their economic growth.

The news...."Indonesia’s parliament yesterday approved a 73.3 trillion rupiah ($6.1 billion) stimulus package and endorsed the 2009 budget, paving the way for the country to sell as much as $4 billion of dollar-denominated debt to finance a deficit of 139.5 trillion rupiah, or 2.5 percent of gross domestic product..." DEBT AGAIN ... aarrggghhhh

And what make me stop in front of the television was not about the news, but a conversation about Indonesian people. The presenter said that he went to Bali in Valentine's day, he cant believe it, as one of a country who face a bad recession but the people there still can smile a lot, looks happy always, nothing to worry.

They said, Indonesian people are nice person, always smile a lot even they have a bad pressure during recession. They didn't look sad...what do you think??? I think Indonesia never in a good condition since 1998 so nothing different for them or.... on Indonesian mindset "we are still lucky" or "eat or not eat but still can live together with all family" ... (orang jawa bilang ...MASIH UNTUNG atau mangan ora mangan sing penting kumpul) hihihi so they still looks happy.
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