Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What Your Baby and Toddler need to grow

Having a baby or toddler make us learn how baby and toddler need to grow. They need not only food to grow, clothing, baby care, toys, safety place or other thing when we want to take them out. Ok, lets check and prepare one by one for our toddler.

The most important thing You must know what you baby need day to day. For baby under 6 months you must breastfeeding your baby. How about if you are not at home, don't worry you can keep your breast milk in refrigerator. Just pumping your own breast milk and keep it. Frozen milk can be use until 3 month. Find a breast pump which you feel comfortable while use it. So pumping will be a great time to you.
To make your baby clean, safe and healthy use baby soap and baby shampoo. If your baby use diapers choose the right diapers, and when your baby get sensitive with diapers red, scaly, maybe even swollen rashes on your baby's beautiful skin, try using baby rash ointment.

One time you want to take your baby going to a vacation, make sure that your baby safe while she seat on the car. Use proper baby car seat seat, that suitable for your baby or toddler. Many car seat design are available from infant until 8 years old kids. Baby car seat is a must, please mind your baby safety.

Baby need to play too, do you know busy baby are happier and healthier baby. As a parent you can choose the right baby toys for your baby. There are many kind of toys from educational toys and games that make your baby happy to learn something new, or give them an outdoor toys so your toddler will enjoy outdoor activities.
And as she is growing, before they go to bed let her hear your voice, tell her about a story. Choose the proper books for your baby and toddler regard from their age. Introduce them to book will make your kids love to read in the future. So give your baby and toddler the best thing in their live.
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