Saturday, March 14, 2009

Thanks for being you...friends

I'd love to have many friend, and share many thing. I will share happiness, wish and many thing. But surely when they have a problem I can be an ear to hear all, until them can release their problem, don't worry i never share their secret to another. What I did make a friend laugh a lot, and said "You hear so many problem, you can be crazy someday".

May be u right, but dont worry for now I still can handle it, even sometimes make me feel too worry, even cry for their problem. But I know, sometimes we need someone who we believe to share all problem. And I believe too, if someday i have a problem they will give me support too

In my circle friend I have a friend who face a big problem in his life. He told me that he lucky he have many friends who always support him, and always care about him. No matter how busy life, but true friends always come to comfort him, make him stronger. I really believe the power of friendship.

I have no a big problem (hope i won't)only sometimes get bored with life hahaha. And I am lucky too some friends in their busy time never forget to ask about mel. If I put a strange status on YM or facebook many of them will ask me. Thanks for always stand by me.. friends. Even your busy day, really appreciated.

(special thanks for my friends Molina, Lyla, Bango, Ary, and friend who always calls me "crazy" or the ones call me " lazy and lost girl", who always think me as " a very special friend" you are so sweet even in your bad time, for my friends who never stop traveling but still remember to send me message except no internet connection in the hotel hahaha, ... thanks a lot, even we not talk everyday, but you color my day and make me headache in the same time too)
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