Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Strategy not to lose your job

There are so many laid off now days because of this recession, so what you can do to make your job still be yours
* Do take credit : let everyone knows what are you doing, you can have a summary what you are doing and submit that to your boss
* Don't ask for rise or promotion, you are still lucky have job now
* do volunteer for extra work : many of your colleagues loss their job, so the ones who still stay need to pick up extra work, try to accept this condition.
* Do arrive early and stay late, it can prove your commitment to your job

* Don't telecommute; avoid to working from home because it makes harder for your boss to know about you
* Don't be eccentric. Throw away your eccentric performance or style, wear not usual clothes or other thing that make you looks eye catching. So if you did something wrong they will recognize you easier.
* Don't be high maintenance just make your boss's job easier not harder
* Do chat up your boss and your boss's boss; it really can make a good relationship with them and your boss will know you well than before
* do stay informed about what happen with your company so you know what you must do to handle a bad situation but don't gossip about your company cause it make your fear will distract you for being productive

Wish all off you can retain your job and still can pay your credit card debt, pay loan and still can afford your live
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