Friday, March 6, 2009

We are closer... mean I hurt you more

Have someone who close with us is really nice. Friends, wife/husband, lover, parents or kids always make our day brighter. Whenever you feel sad you always have someone to share, someone who can lift your burden.

But live close with our beloved one not always perfect one. Just take a look what happen with us. When we were still a young kid, sometimes you felt that your parent treated you bad. Or what happen with our life now, sometimes you hate your mother-in law because you live the same roof with her (hahaha just kidding). Or mostly you have a problem with your spouse, both of you always thinking that ur spouse are selfish, not care and treat you badly.

That's because you have close relationship, living in same roof make you feel closer, but you will face more problem. You will share more time with them in any situation, in your good or bad time. Absolutely it will hard time if you in your bad time, when you got into trouble you will see anything as a wrong thing. It make you easy to get mad, especially with your close one.
I make these kinds of mistakes all the time. I have no intention to hurt anyone, but I do it many times.

So when you feel someone who close to you hurt you just think, you did it too before. It make you easy to release your pain. And maybe in your good time try to give something special to your close one, because in happy time its easier to express your love. I know it well when we get closer I can hurt you more and more.

From this posting i want to apologize to my close ones... start from hubby and
my kids, (here we are never left a day without angry hahaha... I am so sorryy), my brother n Sister, my online friends especially Lyla (everyday we have conversation in net, sorry if i ever do a bad thing), Nara (hey sorry if I make joke too much), Bang Andi ( so sorry if sometimes I am impolite to Bang Andi when chat or drop any comments), Haider (friendship cant be far from laugh, fight and sometimes missunderstanding.. but it will be great if we can pass that time) and all my online friends, sorry if i ever hurt u all.
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