Thursday, May 21, 2009

Back to the Kitchen

I just watched cooking show on TV, and i just realized that cooking can be a fun activity. Before I always think that cooking was very difficult to learn so I prefer to buy frozen food, only need to boil, fry or put it in microwave. Having frozen foods always sometimes make me loose my appetite, and only found a few delicious ones. So i will try to cook by my self from now.

But wait since I never cooking I think I have no many kitchen ware or cooking tool. I need to find any suitable tools that I need. First I love to drink juice, I will find a good blender. I always put some ice while blend my juice so the blender must have ice crusher. I don't want take a risk if the blender knife broken because i put too many ice on there.

I love to eat meat, but i prefer to have the soft meat and tender. But i don't want spent too much time for waiting it soft. I will need pressure cooker to help me get what i want. It's not only time saving but also retains moisture and its flavor. Last, i like to have steamed fish and some steam vegetables. I need electronic steamer, so i can put the fish on that add some herbs and spices, then just turn on on specific time and it ready to serve. I can cook the fish and the vegetables at the same time too. Look, I think, it is not difficult to prepare dinner. I am ready to back to the kitchen
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