Saturday, May 23, 2009

Friendship.. need more understanding

This week, I still have no good mood. I just can't throw my bad feeling from my heart and my mind. So I choose to stay quiet, only open facebook, spent my time to watch TV or listening music only. Feeling so lonely. Actually I always have that feeling,but I will be ok after go for a walk for shopping or just eat outside... but really have no mood at all to do that.

A few days ago I like to open my messenger on available status, I just need someone to talk even only a few words. But lucky me, friends who said hello just want to take a fight, arrggghhh.

For me, have different opinion is ok. I wont push my opinion to others, as a human being have a freedom to have their own thinking. I prefer to said "Yeah, everyone have their own, If you believe for something but I don't or vice versa its no problems." I appreciate the way of my friend thinking and wont have any misunderstanding. Push our own opinion can hurt other feeling, if you want only discussion maybe better stop when you can't get one opinion.

I believe in a friendship we need to understand friend's need. Sometimes not all that they have want to share. They only talk a little of their problem but not share the detail. Even we really want to know about that, but we must act wisely not push them and even angry if they dont want to share. Just respect their privacy as much as you can. No matter that you feel you already open with your friend but they didn't do the same. Maybe they really want to keep it by their self that why they dont want to tell you. If its no impact with your friendship, just take it.Friendship need more understanding.
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