Monday, May 25, 2009

Gift for kids

Waiting for go back home is all that I fell now. But I must bring gift for my niece, my sister's 19 months daughter. She is a very cute kids. I start to think to buy her some sweet clothes. Find out many choices in designer baby clothes, I think some of dress will make her pretty, or shirts and legging that can she wear for playing on the park. Imagine her wear this clothes and run on the park make me smile a lot. How I miss my niece so much.

Kids always love to play and one of their favorite is doll. Jellycat provide many animal doll, from sheep, kitten, dog, bugs bunny, penguin, ponny and still many more. I know well my niece love penguin, i will buy her bunglie penguin. Oh I think i will bought for my kids too, since I don't want they think I don't love them, only think about their aunt daughter. Ok, I will buy one snuffle monkey for my son, and bartlesham bunny for my daughter, and will buy some soft books for all. Hope they can play together happily with these toys.

Last things that I must prepare, my mom 's home was so cold when night. I need to bring suitable clothes for sleep. Since here always hot, I have no suitable clothes. I will find it in barefoot dreams to get a few pairs for my kids. Hmm..I saw cozychic womens v-neck, I thinkI have to buy one for me. Its not fair only buy for kids, moms need to hahaha. Ready for home.... mom, dad, sis, wait we will meet you soon.

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