Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Redesign Home Interior with Lighting

Having a standard home something make me feel bored. But I have not enough money to rebuilt it with new design. I really want to make a change in my home and I try to find any idea from interior magazine. Change furniture will be one of the option,
but I don't want it, because I love my furniture a lot. I just stop in one option, when it will make a great change and still on my budget. Yes, lighting, why not change my bulp and standard lamp with a modern one. It will give a new style at my home furniture

Ok i will make a list for the changes. First, find suitable lamps for my ceiling lamp, now it only round bulb with no artistic value, with a lamp that will visualize modern and elegant style. Second, I need at at least 2 standing lamp with modern style and must not usual in shape to replace my old one. Next, for my bed room, I will replace two my wall lamp too. I saw george kovacs lamps have many varieties for the lamp that I need such as lighting fixtures, table lamps, floor lamps and bath lights. And it have been proven for 50 years for high quality and its contemporary design

Oh, yes, I find another nice lamp for my dinning room too. Series pendant light fixture it will make my dining room looks contemporary but romantics. One more for my dry kitchen, a place that I spent time for tea and talk at night, bling-bling It will be great for first changes, will explore more as i have enough budget later.
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