Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My bad days

It has been a long time have no mood to update this blog. I have bad weeks before. My kids got fever and cough. Vomit many times a day. Lately I got fever and cough because too tired. Now both of them better, I am happy, but still no mood to write hihihi

I dont know what happen to me, need some power to make me back to blogging world and say hi to many friends. Still not feel happy at all. Hope after take 2 weeks vacation on my home country I will be ok

Hiks... need some support, I lost one by one my online friend lately, busy with their activities make them not contact me at all. I just feel lonely and dont want to open my laptop anymore. Because when i open my laptop.. i feel more lonely than before. Miss u all my friend, I know even we cant contact as much as we did before but we still care each other right? Hope so...
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