Monday, January 11, 2010

Lonely.... finnaly only our shadow that will never leave

Alone and lonely... or in the crowd but still lonely...
Many friends talked about it lately, I don't know, its such a lonely season. Why people feeling lonely? I try to find out the answer, because when I said I'll accompany you, they said its different. So, I got the answer, they feeling lonely because someone who have the closest place in their heart make a distance, and sure it can't be replace by anyone.

I could understand that kind of feeling, when we built a close relationship with a friend, they will color our day. Sharing many things that can make us smile and share burden when we get in trouble. It become a "need". So whenever the relationship become loser, not tight as before, we feel like missing something and make us incomplete. That time we start feeling lonely.

So how to cure this feeling? Realize what friend mean in our life. Let me make an illustration, if we think a friendship like we have a perfect dinner. We have an appetizer, main course and then desert. An appetizer, usually people only take it a little before main course, main course.. we always wait this, and dessert only take it if we feel not full enough. So where the friendship mean to us?

Friend as an appetizer, we need it just to prepare something big behind the appetizer, like we want to join a group of a community and then we need a friend to make us comfort with the new community. As main course we will see a friend as an important part, we wait and longing to have every time. And last as a dessert, we have it when we feel not enough with what we have before. Thats just a foolish illustration, but at least we could have an imagination what a friend mean to u and vice versa.

Remember one thing, feeling is something that easy to change, spoken or unspoken. So u can feel it. When your friend begin not so care with you, busy and forget you, means you are not the main course anymore. They'll close to you again only when they feel incomplete and need u to complete their life. Whenever they already feel complete, they won't treat you as before. Anyone have their own reason to build their friendship, so enjoy your time as long as you can, and whenever it change don't be too disappointed and too sad until put u in a deep lonely. Find a way to chase away your loneliness, and whenever you meet a new friend, u must aware that could be happen the same thing again and again. Prepare your self always.

Ok lets find a way not to feeling lonely. The one things, make your mind busy or make ur self physically tired. Thinking and have physical activities something can throw our lonely feeling even only a while. But one important thing we must realize and accept that friend will not stay same forever, as people change, feeling can come and go, friend can be close but then can be far also. Even though we ever have so close friendship but it isn't mean forever, someday they will leave you too, soon or later. Many of friendship will close only when we have same aim, same time, same need. When we and our friend can have the same need, they will work well.

But when we start to have something that make our mind busy, maybe you will loosen ur friendship, and it could be happen to your friend also. In that situation, we or our friend have no enough time anymore to think about friends' feeling, they need us or not, its too busy and not enough space in our day. So, if before your friend can give you a shoulder to cry on, and never stop to support you, now maybe you will feel that your best friend will as far as your ordinary friend. That's the reality. Never hope to have the sweet moments for a long time, anytime "party will be over", set no hurt feeling, just keep the sweet moments in your heart, maybe someday will be another party with your friend, but don't hope too much.

Come on girls, stay awake from your dreams, don't hurt yourself by thinking too much. Feeling too sad when your close friend only have once a week to say hi. Or whenever you get an difficulty your friend seem not care. Even you ever have a nice commitment, but many things could happen, so all things just left as words. Remember... finally only our shadow that never leave us alone, that will know your happiness and ur sadness always. So keep fight by yourself... don't always think your best friend will always beside. Face this REALITY

wrote this post when finally I realized my party was over n leave all in my memories only

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