Thursday, January 7, 2010

When someone through the net make you cry...

Nowadays, interaction between people not only comes from real life. With a good internet connection, mostly we spent our days with, we meet many new friends there. Some of them become so close with us, even though we only meet once or twice in the real world or even haven't meet yet.

Deep relationship built here whenever we feel that we can trust a friend we meet online. We share many things, happiness or even sadness. But sometimes we disappointed then. Not like in a real world we can meet personally face in face, make us can keep in touch with warm way, like smile, say hi, give hug or other, build a relationship through net are different. I think need more effort..

Learning from a friend, who always sent her friend message through the wall in facebook, with a personal touch, make me think, she really a good friends. And I think all her friend who receive her message will happy and feel her care (Honestly I am the one who feel like that) and will give their care back to her. But sometimes it doesn't work also. After we did our efforts they even not care, not reply or ignore our message.

Other problem comes, when we have a misunderstanding with your friend. Trying through explain through mail sometimes not work, even make worse. They dont get what we mean, and then start to hurt each other more. Worse, if then not only we and ur friend, but others involve in your problem.

When someone asking me about this I don't know also what is the best solution, but for me I have some idea:
1. Try to send an email, explain more clearly what u feel. If your friend still feel need you as friend normally they will reply. But dont have too high expectation, a reply that could satisfy yourself. Just think as long as they reply there will be a way out.
2. Make more positive thinking whenever u get a reply that hurt you more. One side have positive thinking will guide to a solution rather then two side blind and both jump into emotion.
3. Give time to rest, don't make a mail in a hurry, more then twice a day. Believe times can heal anything
4. But..... if your friend not reply your mail, more than 3 times, maybe u should prepare yourself. Your relationship will change. Its ok if you give up, you aren't the one who should responsible for ur friendship. If your friend not appreciate what both of you have before, let them go. Stop sending mail n begging, or blame yourself, stop crying, u deserve to be happy. Its ok if u have devil thinking to help you out from this hard situation like " your friend only use u when they need" hahaha.
Coz if u continue to send mail.... they will insult you
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