Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Without words the story will be end

Sometimes people thinks that other were mind reader. Knowing what they want even left unspoken, by trust, by reading gesture,or other thing except words. They never realized that when someone looks like reading their mind, they only guess. And their guess sometimes could be right but it could be wrong.

Just imagine, you left in a room with a person. Just sit together without words. The person look at you but say nothing, just smile. You will guess that the person don't like you bother her and just want to be polite with you and give you smile. But it could be wrong, maybe the person just wait you begin a conversation, because she were afraid to begin.

Thats always happen in our life, people just waiting other speak and they will follow, its hard for someone to volunteer make a nice conversation. They are afraid to have feeling rejected by others when others dont give them the proper answer.So they choose to keep quiet for their own sake. But won't you ever think, that without word will never be next episode? You cant have a good friend without saying anything.You wont know someone love you if both of you just waiting.You will never know, that you and your friend still thinking each other without words sent?

Words are important things in our life. Speak or write it clearly to show up your feeling. Keeping in your heart and thinking that other will understand us it will be impossible things. Without words the story will be end. Without words you will loose your chance to get a long with other person. And when you realized this, it was too late. So try .... sending words rather than keep quiet and hope other read your mind
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