Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Saving and Investment in Gold

We couldn't predict what will happen to us in our future. The economic seem up and down every time. Job is unsecure anymore. Inflation rate rise up higher and higher year after year. So, we must prepare our self well. Have any plan for saving or investment? I just make some consideration about this.

First, saving on bank, it save my money for future but I can only get a small interest rate. If I compare it with inflation rate, it seem useless. Second, buy a property, the price will be higher and higher, but i think it need cost for maintaining the property and its expensive too. Third, buy stock, it still too volatile and difficult too predict. Fourth, saving and investment in gold, it could be the best choice.

Thinking about gold price that too expensive, I am searching information on internet. I found that i could get gold coin for my investment and saving. And the most interesting of saving and investment in gold coins, we can buy and sale it at any place in the world, and about the value, never worry about it. Even dollar value was fell in the lowest level as what happen recently, the gold price even become higher. So I thought, I will star to make saving and investment in gold coin for my future. Start now, better late than never
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