Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Jathilan or kuda kepang

This traditional dance is using “kuda kepang” are bamboo webbing formly like a horse with black or white colour . The dancer mount on “kuda kepang” are portrays prowess horsing soldier with all the action movements.
The dancer put kuda kepang like a soldier ride a horse than he start dance with music come from kendhang, bonang, saron, kempul, slompret and ketipung (all are javanesse music).

Jathilan known as one of the oldest dance in java. This dance also known as "Kuda Kepang" or "Jaran Kepang" There 6 or 8 dancers wear the same uniform will dance as couple.
As addition there will be dancers that use mask as a genderuwo (devil) or barongan (lion). They appear to disturb the soldiers.

Jathilan is popular in east java, central java and Yogjakarta Indonesia. they have their own version. This dance identic with soldiers with their horse on the battle, use swords as weapon. This original version, the dancer will dance without stop until one of them unconscious but still dance. They will eat broken glass without pain or bloody at all or open coconut with their teeth.

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