Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I love Indonesia too

Honestly, I bored to hear many friends yelling with a harsh words everyday. It became worse with the news of Tari Pendet had been claimed by Malaysia by TV media and newspaper in my country. Even though, there is no proper evidence that it really claimed, but many people there were angry. Lately many confirmation come about this, but it looks like madness make many people are blind.

As Indonesian citizen who live here,its make us feel uncomfortable. Here we make many effort to prove that we are have a good quality, cause my government like to export maid, make Malaysian's mindset that Indonesian people equal to maid. They even not believed when we said there are 5000 expatriate, more than 10.000 are study for master and PhD degree. Half of them living in luxurious place, very wealthy and others living in middle up class. And here as long as we not used subsidize facility, we always treat well, there is no different with other residence.

And what I see here not as bad as Indonesian's media report. Some bad experience will be small case, just compare with good experience, it will happen anywhere we live, even live in our own country.

Many times we share real information here, many times all friend will tell us that we don't love our country. They look like hate to know that there are still many good side here. Just for information, who live here with high education, it will be no matter for us to move on to other country, but think it about blue collar worker, they work here as they could have a job in our country. Here, many things happen with blue collar worker and it happen because our government not put much intention about it seriously. As blue collar have no good bargaining power, unless government make it for them.

About culture, more than 50% Melayu etnic were come from Indonesian, thats why so many Indonesian culture become their culture, that's why they told as part of their culture like chinese culture and indian culture as well. But why Chinnese or Indian never been angry??? Because they have confidence, they already take care all their culture carefully. So why with Indonesia??? Because they know culture only become a symbol. Only a few that care about their culture, even now a few of them disappeared, Indonesian people like to have other cultured. I bet you all when there are two occasion, one music show and other one Javanese dance show, you will choose to see music show.

Please do our part to our country, dont just yelling, because it mean nothing. Anyone who have capability and not stay in their county it doesn't mean that they dont love their country. They try to prove that Indonesian's people capable in international world. Who stay in Indonesia will make effort to make Indonesia greater than before. Who knows about culture will bring it to young generation, and other support for this. Who have a blog, you can write about culture or Indonesian as well so people from other country will know us better. I THOUGHT THAT IT WILL BE MORE MEANINGFUL RATHER THAN SPREAD HATRED IN OUR HEART. BE WISE... SO U WILL BE A GREAT PERSON

I know when we close there will be like and dislike always, but do it with a smart action to win. Spread hatred not a good way to win.

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