Friday, September 4, 2009

Make your home a safety place

Have a kids bellow 4 year is adorable. They like to explore anything around them. But they still can't control their self. They don't know yet what they do, sometime put them in danger. As a parent we must take care of them, but it don't mean that you can not do anything except watch over them while playing. We could chose a safe area for them to play while we busy with our activities. but it is difficult when the area have connect with danger place like kitchen.

Sometimes kids run to us when we busy in the kitchen. They don't understand about hot stove or knife. Rather than you will face a serious accident, you can put a child safety gates. So, they can't come to the kitchen. Don't worry about it will make your room ugly, because many baby gate available in many colors and design. So, you can choose that will perfectly go in your decor.

Another thing, if you have other floor in your home, please put stairway gates both in side in your stair. Don't let your kids climb up stair without your companion. Choose the gate that not easy for kids to open it, so you will exactly sure it safe for your family. Be aware if your kids go down stair by their own. Kids could be falling down, because they couldn't move carefully. That's why you neend to put the stairway gates on the top.
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