Friday, September 4, 2009

Don't put too much hope to your friend

We always need friend in life, to share about anything,our happiness, our sadness. I am sure that all of you agree, without friend our life mean nothing. A true friend that always understand us, and accept all of our weakness, and whenever we need someone to hear they will beside us, support without judging.

But we must realize that we don't life in fairy tale, that anything always going smooth as we wish. Our relationship with friend not always in a good shape. A friend that always beside, and know everything about our secret suddenly keep quiet, even we thought that they even not put any care about us. We try to contact them many times, but they didn't reply at all. Looks like that we never know each other, or just a usual friend, nothing special.

We must be very disappointed with this, but don't be too sad. Think all thing positively, imagine that your friend have problem that they don't want to share it with you. Life always up and down, same with our friendship, may be in the past they could share anything, but then they decide to keep all things by their self. Or maybe they find someone else that they can trust to keep their secret, and not you. Even we feel we never do anything wrong with them, and just unfair that your friend treat you like that. Please try to accept it, even it is hard for you.

One thing, when we have no good communication, just give yous self a space. Don't write any upset feeling to your friend, because it will make your relationship worse. If you feel must write something, write it but don't sent it, try to read it another day, you will find that you need to change your words. Do it again in the next day, again and again before you feel sure to send it. And wait until your friend reply your mail, send many mail will bother your friend and make them feel like u attack them. Waiting patiently is must, because we only can guess what in their mind, and sometime it was wrong guess. If your friend not send you any message maybe they haven't ready yet to reconcile with you.

So, patient is must. And don't always put too much hope that your friend must perfect as you wish. Just give your sincere in your friendship, but don't always hope you will accept the same as u give, because it will hurt you a lot. Remember, even you are a close friend, but you have different personality with your friend. For example, if you are such caring person, you always love to know hows you friend day by day, but maybe your friend different, feel bother if you did it. You love to tell your friends what you feel, but maybe your friend will tell you only if they really depressed with their problem.

And... the biggest thing.. even you feel can't happy without your friend, but you never could push someone to stay as your friend. So you need to prepare your self that your friend could change someday, maybe your friend would be back to be your close friend still or your friend choose to stay away from you as an ordinary frind.


  1. I totaly agree with you. you can collect lotds of friends but soon they will go but of course they are always be your friend wherever they are. I love my friends and I treasure them

  2. so true.. and you can see who is ur true friends when u're in a trouble.. they won't leave u..

  3. Hmm.. in time I've come to realize that everything must come to an end at some point in our life, and it's something that we can't avoid :)

    Sure sometimes it's sadden us when we have to let go someone from our lifes but sometimes.. only by doing so.. we let ourself to let some other new people to come along in our life, hehehe :D

    And who knows.. some of them might be our "friends", too..

  4. yea.. so true.. and you can see who is ur true friends when u're in a trouble.. they won't leave u..


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