Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Did you remember??

A good feeling when we have a friend that we could share anything. Smile, laugh, sad, and tears. No need to pretend become a perfect someone, because a good friend could accept our weakness and give time to hear our problem without judging. Sometime we become closer and closer, many secret we share, and the day is not incomplete without say hi.

As I had written before, friendship is like a life, sometimes good or bad. Get closer will open more problem too. For me, I really like have a friend that like siblings, no matter we had fight but then we can forgive each other and smile together again. But sometimes it didn't work with other. Misunderstanding can drive friendship broke in to pieces if we couldn't think about it wisely.

Have u ever feel about that? Hurt by your best friend? Their words made you very angry and then u feel couldn't be with her/him anymore. Their silly act made u mad. And then when they aware about it and ask your forgiveness, you will said "No need, we were not a friend anymore?" Think it... how if it happen with you?

Get mad make us can't think wisely. If you get angry with your best friend, just keep silent first. Remembered all happy moment that you spent. When you feel alone your friend accompanied you, when you feel sad they gave you hugs, when you need someone to hear they gave time to listen, and how many times they made you smile, made you laugh and wiped your tears. How many times you felt become important, felt respect, felt care, and beloved. I knew we couldnt count what your best friend give to us as we give to them.

It is not easy finding a good friend... so please appreciate what u have. Don't forget to keep in touch with them, dont let your friend think that u forget them when u didn't contact them, may be now they need you by their side. Always open your heart when your friends beg ur forgiveness, consider it carefully no one will be free from mistakes. If you feel hurt just give time to heal but try not to break your friendship. Just think ... when u need ur friend there will be there for you, and when u agree to make friendship relationship it came from both side, so not fair if you decide it from your side only.

dedicate to my best friend...What doesn't kill us make us strong, remember you never be alone.. :)
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